A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life

Ten reasons why men should not be ordained as ministers or priests:

* Hat tip: Ralph Milton and the Rumors e-letter

1. Their physical build indicates that men are more suited to tasks such as picking turnips or de-horning cattle.
2. For men who have children, their duties as clergy might detract from their responsibilities as parents. Instead of teaching their children important life skills like how to make a wiener-roasting stick, they would be off at some committee meeting or preparing a sermon.
3. According to the Genesis account, men were created before women, presumably as a prototype. It is thus obvious that men represent an experiment, rather than the crowning achievement of creation.
4. Men are overly prone to violence. They are responsible for the vast majority of crimes in our country, especially violent crime. Thus they would be poor role models.
5. In the New Testament account, the person who betrayed Jesus was a man. Thus his lack of faith and ensuing punishment stands as a symbol of the subordinate position that all men should take.
6. Jesus didn’t ordain men. He didn’t ordain any women either, but two wrongs don’t make a right.
7. If men got ordained, then they wouldn’t be satisfied with that; they’d want more and more power.
8. Many, if not most, men who seek to be ordained have been influenced by the radical “men’s movement” or “masculist movement”. How can they be good leaders if their loyalties are divided between leading a church and championing the masculist drive for men’s rights?
9. To be an ordained pastor is to nurture and strengthen a whole congregation. But these are not traditional male roles. Rather, throughout the history of Christianity, women have been considered to be not only more skilled than men at nurturing, but also more fervently attracted to it.
10. Men can still be involved in Church activities, without having to be ordained. They can still take up the offering, shovel the sidewalk, and maybe even lead the singing on Fathers’ Day.


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