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So Close. . .

As hard as it is to believe, this mid-January weekend was a beach weather weekend with highs in the upper 70’s and low 80’s. We took our t-shirts and shorts with us to church so we could make a quick change afterwards and head to the beach. There was a thin cloud cover, but no wind to speak of. The ocean temperature was, shall we say, invigorating. It was too cold for more that a quick dip of our toes in the surf. The tidal pool, however, was warm enough for comfortable wading.

As the kids searched for shells in the tidal pool, Cathy and I sat on beach towels and watched, soaking in the peacefulness of the surf sounds. I noticed a seagull on the sand inching closer and closer to us. I watched him with interest, noting the crook in his beak and the pattern of his feathers. I saw that he didn’t have a black tail with spots like most of the other seagulls around us did and wondered what kind of gull he might be. I realized that he was about as close as a seagull will get (except for when you feed them), so I reached for my phone to snap a picture of it. This is what I got:


I missed my chance. It’s not that I wasn’t interested. I was. It’s not that I didn’t think about it. I did. It’s not that I didn’t have the tools to capture a picture. I did. I just didn’t act quickly enough.

I spend a lot of time inside my head – mulling over ideas for stories and sermons, blog posts and writing group essays, newsletter articles and workshop applications. Sometimes, when I’m lucky, I can work themes around in my brain until all that’s left to do is sit at the keyboard to record what is there. Notice, I said “sometimes.” That is not the norm.

Most of the time it works more like this: An idea breaks into my consciousness. I notice it. I wonder if it’s workable or not. I think about how I might use it, and where. Suddenly I realize that maybe I should take the time to capture that idea. But how? Is this a note card idea or a journal idea? If it’s a journal idea, which journal? That’s an even harder question now, because I received two beautiful new journals for Christmas. Surely only the best and brightest words and ideas should earn a spot in them, right? Wait – where’s a pen? With all these journals and note cards lying around, you’d think I could find just one pen somewhere. Where did all the pens go? Is there a keyboard nearby? If so, should I use Evernote or Dropbox? It goes on and on.

By the time I’ve worked through all of this, the idea has gotten bored and wandered away. Or maybe it’s insulted because I took so long to act and it flies off in a huff. Or maybe it spots someone down the way a little who looks more receptive and prepared. All I’m left with is a glimpse of the tail feathers as it takes flight.

I get so close! It’s not that I’m not interested. I am. It’s not that I don’t think about it. I do. It’s not that I don’t have the tools. I do. I just don’t act quickly enough. Really, I must do better. Ideas, like seagulls, won’t wait around on me forever.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday #5

The rules are easy and the hunt is fun. Click over to Ramblings and Photos to find out how to join in.

scavenger hunt sunday

For the first time ever, I can say that all the pictures were taken this past week. I just wish that a couple of them were better quality.



My youngest daughter left today for a trip with her grandparents to Florida. They are going to welcome (hopefully soon) our newest family member to the world. Here she is with her grandfather, taking her luggage to her camper home-away-from-home. She is so excited. Her brother, not so much so.



I never knew the word ‘jalapeno’ could be so entertaining! It kept my silly boy and his sister entertained for the better part of a meal at Moe’s.

Black and White

black and white

This puppy face steals my heart every time!



My girlie-girl loves bows and ribbons!



I used to do all my writing on paper, even if I had to eventually retype in on the computer. No longer. This journal is a year old, yet only about a quarter filled. I miss the feel of the old paper journal, but the keyboard is so much easier.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday #3

The rules are easy and the hunt is fun. Click over to Ramblings and Photos to find out how to join in.

scavenger hunt sunday

My Scavenger Hunt Sunday pictures were taken on my Friday Day Off at the Beach. I’m so fortunate to live close enough to the coast that my warm weather days off can be little beach vacations.

Beneath Your Feet

under my feet

Sand and seashells – what more could I want. Well, except maybe a much-needed pedicure on my short little toes!

Capturing Movement


The ocean is in constant motion.



Sand art – compliments of God.

Face Your Fears

facing fears

I’ve saved many a starfish from diminishing tidal pools, but always with buckets, shovels, or sticks. For some reason I’ve been afraid to actually hold them in my hand. But I did it!



It doesn’t get any better than this!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday #2

The rules are easy and the hunt is fun. Click over to Ramblings and Photos to find out how to join in.

scavenger hunt sundayThis week’s words are:



Not your typical rainbow, but colorful nonetheless. This is the ceiling decoration in one of the party rooms at The House of Jump – a happening kind of place for kids’ parties. 



Fluffy kitty, fluffy blanket: life is good!



Time to check the mail!



Metal artwork is a staple of historic downtown Charleston. This is one of my favorites.



I love the graceful limbs of the live oak trees in this park near the Battery.

Bonus Tree(s)


My daughter, Anna, actually took this picture. I can’t claim it, but it’s so cool I wanted to share it. What a neat perspective!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I’ve been surfing all kinds of blogs lately, looking for good ideas to help me through the May WordCount Blogathon. I ran across one I absolutely love – Ramblings and Photos, by Ashley Sisk. It was here that I found the Sunday Scavenger Hunt. Each week she posts five theme words/phrases. Your job, should you choose to accept, is to take a photo for each of the five theme words. I’ve always loved photography, so this is the kind of challenge I like. Participants are encouraged to use new photos for the scavenger hunt, although it is acceptable to sometimes use an archived photo. Since I didn’t discover this site until Saturday, three of my five photos are from the archives this week. I’ll try to do better next week.

scavenger hunt sunday

So here’s my very first Scavenger Hunt Sunday post:



There in the shadows of the potted plants (outside of the Hess gas station, believe it or not!) lies another treasure: a shiny penny – heads up!


inspire 2

I am so fortunate to live this close to inspirational sights like this one. There is no beauty quite like the beauty of the seashore. This picture was taken back during the winter on a sunset walk on the Isle of Palms.



Sunrise, sunset: they mark our time with comforting predictability and beauty. This picture was taken at Riverfront Park on the Cooper River at our Easter Sunrise Service this year.

Close Up

up close

A burst of springtime beauty found in a bunch of daisies, also at Riverfront Park. I’ve yet to be able to look at daisies and not smile!

With Mirror

mirror image

This is what caught my eye in my side view mirror when the kids and I returned home from eating supper. It looks like a fireball is behind my neighbor’s house. While it appears to be the setting sun, it’s actually light from a lamppost in their yard.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Last night was a gorgeous night for a baseball game at The Joe.

the Joe 

We all had a great time. The game was fun, and whenever the innings got a little dull, we made our own fun.

miss mia

Not only is she great in front of the camera, she’s pretty doggone good behind it, too!


Anything makes a good subject. How do you like Anna’s new Jesus sandals?

jesus shoes

People wonder all the time why I have tons of pictures of the girls and so few of Gus. This is why.

shy gus

By the way, the Riverdogs led 4-1 for most of the game. They fell apart in the 9th inning and ended up losing 6-4 in the 10th. This did not make us happy.

mad face

Never fear, it was nothing that a few of these couldn’t fix.


Yep, we know how to live it up! Come join us next time.

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