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Inspirations Friday Five


Today is the RevGalBlogPals Friday Five. Sally asked the following:

Very quickly, this week:

1. What has encouraged you?

Friendship – real friends who will call my bluff, who laugh with me instead of just at me (although they laugh at me, too – in love, of course…I think), who know when to push and when to let up, and who never think my dreams are stupid.

2. What has inspired you?

Anna and I visited a 6-year-old boy at the MUSC Children’s Hospital yesterday. He is recovering from heart surgery to repair a valve. It isn’t his first time around this block. As an infant, he received a heart transplant. His whole life is nothing short of a miracle. In spite of the pain meds and discomfort, he gave us a wave and a grin that stole our hearts.

3. What has challenged you?

I am at a crossroads with my writing. For years I have shared my writing freely (sort of) through my blog, but most of my readers have been long distance, internet friends. I eventually let my brother in, then a few in-real-life friends and relatives, and now even a few church members are reading. If I want to grow and get the kind of feedback and support I would like, then I need to let go of the remaining boundaries I’ve guarded. I have to be willing to let anybody be a part of this, not just those I am most comfortable with. My biggest fear is that I will end up be stifled, frozen even, by my desire to please, my desire to fit the various images that others may have of me (“the preacher,” “the daughter,” “the nice one,” “the good one” – although granted, there may be very few who would think those last two!) I recognize that this is ultimately my own hang-up. It’s time to get over it. Almost.

4. What has made you smile?

Take a look at yesterday’s post. I’ve had a great week with my youngest daughter. She makes my heart happy!

5. What has brought a lump to your throat or a tear to your eye in a good way?

I want to start this by saying that I am not a big American Idol fan. This season I’ve watched maybe a total of an hour’s worth of the season’s performances – enough to be a little familiar with the leading contestants, but not enough to form opinions of my own. I watched the last half of the finale this week. I was a bit teary as Phillip Phillips, newest American Idol, was unable to finish his celebratory performance. As the streamers and confetti rained down around him, he was moved to tears. He put his guitar down, walked off the stage and into the arms of his family. Something about the gratitude and humility of his reaction touched me. (Goodness, if I’d watched all season and grown attached to him, I probably would have been a blubbering mess!)


Don’t Just Do Something…

* Image is from Karen Salmansohn’s website. I love her images and highly recommend them to you when you are looking for inspiration.


This is where I find myself today – needing to do a little “just sitting.” There is a lot going on in my life, in my head, and in my heart these days. I’m feeling a little manic and it’s wearing me out. I have a couple of blog posts floating around in my brain, half-written and half-thought-through. Ditto for words for another work in progress away from the blog. Ditto for this week’s sermon.

But right now I feel the need for some ‘do nothing’ energy management. I’m not going to just do something (or just write something) today. I’m going to sit awhile, empty some clutter, and will be back tomorrow, hopefully seeing things a little more clearly.

Ever find yourself in this kind of place?

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