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In Lieu of Words

So many other things are taking up my words this week: Holy Week meditations, liturgy writing, sermon writing. So in place of my otherwise occupied words, I thought I would share some images from a recent trip to Mepkin Abbey. Appropriate for this week, I think.

Feb-Mar 2012 084 Feb-Mar 2012 083

Feb-Mar 2012 023 Feb-Mar 2012 015

It is my understanding that the scene below was carved out of a tree destroyed by Hurricane Hugo back in 1999. Amazing how death and destruction can be recreated into something beautiful.

Feb-Mar 2012 041 

Feb-Mar 2012 042 Feb-Mar 2012 046

Feb-Mar 2012 045

Feb-Mar 2012 049

May the mysteries and blessings of Holy Week find us, even in the midst of our own busyness, worries, chaos, and pain.


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