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In Plain English

habla ingles

One of the common experiences for my beautiful Latino children is running into strangers who assume, because of their ethnicity, that they speak Spanish. (Yes, I know. I should make sure my children can speak the language of their native country and all. It’s just that I’ve been a little busy raising kids, keeping a household together, and working. The whole single parent thing, you know.) When strangers approach them speaking Spanish, they just look puzzled. Sometimes they will say, “I have no clue what you are saying!”

This afternoon my kids were playing in the front yard when three teenage girls rode by in a golf cart. The girls waved and said something to the kids in Spanish. My kids said nothing.They passed by again a few minutes later and did the same thing. Once again, my kids said nothing. On their third time by, one of the girls asked them if they spoke English. They said yes. I’m sure their tone of voice added “Duh!”

As they told me the story over supper tonight, they were trying to understand why everyone thinks they should be able to speak Spanish. Mia was particularly exasperated. “They should have known!” she said. “The second time they came by I was throwing the ball to Gus and I said his name in English! Do they not understand ‘Gus’ in plain English?!”

Gotta love it!


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