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Scavenger Hunt Sunday #4

The rules are easy and the hunt is fun. Click over to Ramblings and Photos to find out how to join in.

scavenger hunt sunday

I must confess: I found this week’s words to be particularly challenging, so I pulled more pictures from my archives than normal – 3 out of 5. This week made me work!



We had dramatic skies this week as Beryl passed through.


Spring and Air Show 2011 133

With an Air Force Base in town, we occasionally get to play host to fighter jets. This is a picture of the Blue Angels who were in town for the Spring Air Show.


Gus 8th birthday 007

What’s wrong with this picture? Notice that my leftie is holding his Paper Jamz guitar upside down. According to him, they just made it backwards!



Something magical happens every time I drive through these gates. I exhale stress and anxiety and inhale a deep sense of peace. This is God’s playground!



The magnolias are in bloom Plain white petals, simple green leave – plainly elegant.


Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Last night was a gorgeous night for a baseball game at The Joe.

the Joe 

We all had a great time. The game was fun, and whenever the innings got a little dull, we made our own fun.

miss mia

Not only is she great in front of the camera, she’s pretty doggone good behind it, too!


Anything makes a good subject. How do you like Anna’s new Jesus sandals?

jesus shoes

People wonder all the time why I have tons of pictures of the girls and so few of Gus. This is why.

shy gus

By the way, the Riverdogs led 4-1 for most of the game. They fell apart in the 9th inning and ended up losing 6-4 in the 10th. This did not make us happy.

mad face

Never fear, it was nothing that a few of these couldn’t fix.


Yep, we know how to live it up! Come join us next time.

In Lieu of Words

So many other things are taking up my words this week: Holy Week meditations, liturgy writing, sermon writing. So in place of my otherwise occupied words, I thought I would share some images from a recent trip to Mepkin Abbey. Appropriate for this week, I think.

Feb-Mar 2012 084 Feb-Mar 2012 083

Feb-Mar 2012 023 Feb-Mar 2012 015

It is my understanding that the scene below was carved out of a tree destroyed by Hurricane Hugo back in 1999. Amazing how death and destruction can be recreated into something beautiful.

Feb-Mar 2012 041 

Feb-Mar 2012 042 Feb-Mar 2012 046

Feb-Mar 2012 045

Feb-Mar 2012 049

May the mysteries and blessings of Holy Week find us, even in the midst of our own busyness, worries, chaos, and pain.


believeI do.

Loved Ragged

Rookie loves his toys. Loves them. Still, I don’t ever remember seeing him get as excited over a toy as he did the day Anna gave him Lobster over Thanksgiving break. It seems that it was the best. toy. ever!!!

He played fetch with his lobster. He drug it around. He chewed the stuffing out of its little legs. He fell asleep on it.

roo lobster

Today, he finally loved it a little too much, if there is such a thing. Now, not only does Lobster have no legs, he’s also missing a claw.


Oops! That’s what I call love! 

Really, isn’t that the best kind of love there is – the kind that hangs on, hangs around, squeezes the breath out of you, and leaves you marked for life? Love, at its best, is messy, a bit overwhelming, and life changing. I know that’s how I want to love the favorite people in my life. Oh, and that’s how I want to be loved too – loved ragged.

Welcome 2012

A gorgeous view on this first day of the year.


Happy New Year!

Who Said Gray Is Dull?


Why I love the beach in autumn.

all in a row

I had plenty of company.


Broken but beautiful.


Looking for the Light.


The many textures of life.

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