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Reading with a Pen: Time

I do my best reading with a pen in hand. When I stumble across beautiful sentences, or wise quotes, or unforgettable scenes, I feel like I need to put down a flag of discovery so that one day (hopefully) I can return. Sometimes I underlines phrases, sentences, or entire paragraphs. Sometimes I draw smiley faces or exclamation marks in the margin. Sometimes I initiate my own conversation with the text by writing in questions or comments. (I am so thankful that Amazon built these capabilities into their Kindle!) Sometimes I move the entire conversation – quotes and all – into my journal so I will have room to explore. Too often, however, my marks just sit on the page – forgotten until or unless I pick the book back up again at some point in the future. I thought it might be fun to go searching for the flags I’ve planted around words in some of my favorite books.

Today’s quote comes from Quitter, by Jon Acuff:

You have the perfect amount of time each day for the things that matter most. The key is spending time on those things.

I know. It is hard to believe that we ever really have enough time for anything, much less for the things that matter the most. It’s a constant battle for me. My life often feels like the classic plate-spinning act. I run frantically from the most pressing project, to the church member in need, to my children, to the pile of laundry, to the hungry pets, to the writing project with a deadline, to the overgrown yard . . . It goes on and on.

spinning plates

I don’t have enough time for everything. But Jon didn’t say we have enough time for everything. He said have enough time for the things that matter most. When you look at it like that, the problem isn’t with the clock, it’s with our priorities.

* Having a decent yard is fairly important, but having a manicured yard is not.

* Having clean clothes for my family to wear is important. Keeping an empty laundry basket is not.

* Having a house that is clean enough to be healthy and not a total embarrassment is important. Having a spotless house that is always neat is not.

* Doing my very best to meet the needs of my congregation is important. Micromanaging every part of church life and/or making sure everything gets filed away neatly by the end of the week is not.

* Using my time and skills to make a contribution to my church and my presbytery. Attending every single meeting and event is not.

For some people, having a manicured yard and a perfect house, or having their hands in every cookie jar at work, or making sure they are seen at every event is important. And that’s just fine – for them. For me, if I try to do all those things plus everything else, the things that are most important to me will suffer. And so will I.

What is really important to me? My children. My extended family. My health. The parts of my work where I know I can really make a difference. My friends. My pets. Having time to observe and enjoy nature. Having time to write. Having time to be alone – to think, to dream, to rejuvenate.

These are the things I will have enough time for – if I make them my priorities and let go of the need to keep every. blasted. plate. spinning. all. the. blasted. time. The other stuff? I’ll get around to it – eventually. And that’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay – it’s enough!


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3 thoughts on “Reading with a Pen: Time

  1. Jan, a good reminder – thanks!

  2. muhammad on said:

    this is something i have never ever study.very thorough analysis.

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