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Why Haven’t Been Blogging

Life isn’t a support system for art. It’s the other way around.   ~Stephen King

Unlike dozens of previous posts over my many years of blogging in which I beg for forgiveness and berate myself for being a slack blogger, that’s not where I’m headed with this post. First of all, there’s only a handful of you who read anyway and I know your lives are so full that you probably aren’t losing sleep over my silence. And second, I’m learning to give myself a smidgen of grace. My life isn’t about blogging, but my blogging is about my life, which has been full to overflowing lately.

Have I mentioned that I have three kids? And no husband to co-parent? Spring gets crammed full of activities when you have kids. My oldest is three exams away from being a senior. In college!!! I gladly serve as her proofreader/editor/sounding board any time, but the end of the semester has been crunch time for her – and thus me. My other two have had spelling bees, math bees, character trait of the month award ceremonies, art shows, and (soon) concerts. They keep me a wee bit occupied.

Life with a church family is just as full. In addition to our “normal” church life, we’ve had more people with special life events that have required me to spend much more of my time as pastor, leaving less time to squeeze in the preparation for the preacher/teacher/administrator parts. I love all parts of my job, but when my scheduling gets out of whack – and the out of whack scheduling coincides with an out of whack family schedule – I become very ADD. Well, worse than my normal ADD anyway. On those days, about the best I can do is write a to do list, try to stick with it as best as possible, and hope for the best.

In the meantime, I have been writing, just not blogging. I’ve rediscovered the joy of journaling – like handwritten pen-on-paper writing. What a novelty! And I worked hard on a couple of applications for a summer writing seminar that I really wanted to attend, but is hard to get accepted into. And . . . drum roll, please . . . I got accepted! So happy! Shortly after that, I won a spot in an online writing class. I’m working with an amazing instructor who happens to be working on an amazing dream.

So that’s why I haven’t been blogging. And while anyone who knows me well knows that it is super-easy to make me feel guilty, I’m learning to let go of that guilt. My blog might not get written. My grass may grow longer than looks attractive before I get around to mowing it. Laundry might get done in one marathon laundry day instead of a little at a time during the week. My books in my to-read pile may stack up beside my bed (or on my Kindle) for awhile before I get around to them. I might not vacuum as often as I should. I might eat out too much and cook too little. But I am living one heck of a life and I’m loving it. No regrets – only joy and dreams . . . and more dreams!

Maybe I’ll blog about it later!


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7 thoughts on “Why Haven’t Been Blogging

  1. I think YOU are amazing! Do you sleep? I’m curious about the writing program you got into. What is it? Thanks for writing for us.

    • Sleep? What’s that? Lol! Actually I do, because I cannot function without it. I got accepted into Collegeville Institute’s Summer Writing Program for the “Working Pastors, Writing Pastors” week. So excited!

  2. Dorcie Lewis on said:

    Bravo and congratulations!

  3. Continue to dream.

  4. I think our blogs are great teachers. It forces me to confront my insecurities and all the expectations that drag me down. It reminds me to create (when I can) in love, not obligation.

    • Angie, it is hard. All the platform “experts” out there stress posting on a reliable, regular schedule. My life, however, is at a stage where all things are neither reliable nor regular. I’ve decided to try to ditch the guilt. It works – some days. The pen-and-paper writing has been an interesting experiment. I feel more in touch with myself on the days I do it. And I don’t have to censor for that kind of writing!

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