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sunset on the farm

Sunset on Stony Point Farm

As anyone who is associated with ministry knows, the marathon known as Holy Week and Easter is an exhausting undertaking. It’s not just that there are extra services to plan. I love planning and leading worship, and while the season adds extra commitments to my calendar, I really do love it. I think it’s more about the expectations placed on those particular services. They are expected to be bigger, flashier, more dramatic, more . . . just, more. Seriously, you can’t make things any better than the story of Easter itself, yet still it feels like that expectation exists, even if (possibly) only in the minds of pastors and worship leaders.

As anyone who has children knows, the marathon known as the school year is an exhausting undertaking. Rousing sleepy children before they are ready to get up. Convincing them to stay in forward motion until they are ready to head out the door – on time, preferably – instead of staring blankly into space as their cereal grows soggy. Fighting the morning traffic which seems to grow worse every day. Juggling the after school pick up schedule with my work schedule. Homework. (All children believe that homework was created to torture students. All parents KNOW it was actually created to torture the adults responsible for seeing that it gets done.) Supper. (Again?? Didn’t I just feed you?) Bath time. (Yes, you DO really need a bath – even if you took one last night.) Bed time. (No, you can’t get up to look for that book. Yes, I’ll make sure all the doors are locked. I BETTER NOT HEAR ANOTHER SOUND FROM UP THERE!) And then, before it seems possible, the alarm goes off and it’s time to start again.

Because of these things, I am thankful that Berkeley County schools saw fit to schedule spring break for the week after Easter again this year. It gave me and the kids some space, some breathing room. We did a lot. We had a lot of fun. We spent quality time with our family. We laughed a lot. We heard and told a lot of stories. We made good memories. And none of these things would have been possible without space – the precious space of open air and open time.

Life seems less claustrophobic today as I get back into the routine. Even the number of meetings on the calendar for the week isn’t getting me down (yet). I will miss the space I enjoyed last week, but at least it gave me the energy I needed to get back to the work before me and the determination to find small bits of space to breathe even in the midst of my life’s marathons.


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2 thoughts on “Space

  1. Yes, always nice when spring break comes right after Easter – so the whole family can just stop. A real need to catch one’s breath. Glad you had that time!

  2. MaryAnne on said:

    I feel more relaxed just reading this! MaryAnne Massey

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