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Sorry – No Apologies!

no apologies

In the past, whenever I’ve been absent from my blog for any length of time, I return with sheepish apologies and promises to do better. Once again, I have been gone awhile. (I hope somebody noticed!) I didn’t post a single entry for the entire month of February. This time, however, I’m not going to apologize. I’ve been busy. Very busy.

In February, I wrote five sermons, two memorial services, a newsletter article, and more emails and notes than I can begin to count. I wrote three pieces that I submitted for possible acceptance/publication by others. (That is HUGE for me. I figured it was time for me to start collecting my rejection letters. I hear you have to get a whole big pile of them before you start getting acceptance letters.) I wrote well over 13,000 “official” words in February.

I also faithfully journaled for my clergy/vocational coaching, along with personal journal writing, reflection, and notetaking for developing projects.

I read two books. Or was it three?

I walked/ran (a little) more regularly than I have in awhile, making my RunKeeper log look a little more hopeful.

I made one trip back to the Upstate for the funeral of a dear man.

I edited a TON of college papers for my oldest daughter and helped my youngest daughter with her big science project.

Oh, and I loved on, cared for, fed, and had fun with my precious children. And I enjoyed time with friends. And my took care of my furry zoo.

About a week ago I was frustrated because I had so many unfinished projects, my house needed a good cleaning, and my pantry was bare. I sent a text message to a friend and used the word “lazy” in it to describe myself. I mean, why else would there be so much that needed to be done that was still undone? Her emphatic response got my attention as she reminded me that instead of looking at all I hadn’t accomplished, I needed to look at all I had. (Okay, so the way she said it made me shake in my boots a little, but I think that’s what she meant!)

It worked. Guess what? I accomplished whole heck of a lot last month and I’m proud of it. So while I’ve missed being in this space, I offer no apologies. Just a “Glad to be back!” and a “Hope to be around a little more this month.”

After I get some sleep.


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3 thoughts on “Sorry – No Apologies!

  1. A great change of perspective! More of us need to look at what we HAVE done rather than what goes unfinished. The unfinished pile is a losing game. Your friend’s advice speaks to lots of levels. Thank you for writing and for not being apologetic!

    • Thank you, Katie! I just clicked over to your blog, and I love it! When I’m on my computer (instead of phone) where I can navigate more easily, I look forward to reading more and sharing feedback. Loved the Rough Draft Prayer – one a mother can truly understand!

  2. My post on March 1 had a similar theme… no apologies. Why should be apologize for where we are in our life? But I’ve missed you, and was glad to see your blog light up in my newsfeed!

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