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Lost Your Password?

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As I noted in my last post, I took a month-long hiatus from my blog. It felt good to write again last night. I use Windows Live Writer to compose my blog posts. (Why, I’m not exactly sure. Habit?) After scheduling the post to go live this morning, my obsessive compulsive self felt the need to check my WordPress dashboard to make sure everything was properly set up.

Remember, it had been over a month since I last signed in to WordPress. I went to the sign in page, typed in my Username, tabbed down to the spot for Password . . . and went blank. Totally blank! Nothing worked. I tried everything I could think of, with no luck.

No sweat, right? If you click the help link and enter minimal correct information, they can email you a link to reset your password. There was just one little catch. I set up a separate email account for use with this blog alone. And . . . I forgot the password for that as well.


Back in my Blackberry days, I was faithful about storing passwords in a special app on the phone. When I changed to the Droid, I never got around to transferring the passwords over to the new app. My only hope was that the now dead-as-a-doornail battery on my old Blackberry could be revived enough in the morning to see if my passwords were safely stored there.

I have to tell you, I had a hard time going to sleep last night. What if the Blackberry couldn’t be revived? What if the passwords weren’t on it? What if I was locked out of my own blog for good? I literally dreamed about passwords all night long.

All’s well that ends well. The Blackberry finally charged enough to boot. The passwords for both the blog and the email were there. They are now both written in ink and safely stored in my security app.

I think life was easier back in the days of the old-fashioned diary. At least back then, scissors were an option if the key went missing!



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2 thoughts on “Lost Your Password?

  1. I laughed and groaned as I read. Thank God for the Keeper app on my iPhone or I’d never get into anything. Glad you’re back.

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