A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life

The Head (Cranky) Chimp

After a week of the Charleston respiratory crud, I think I’m finally on the mend. My energy is returning, albeit slower than my appetite which is now back in full swing. There are only a few symptoms still hanging around: a lingering sinus headache, a little congestion, and a cough triggered by talking. (That’s fine, right? After all, talking is such a minor part of my job. Oh, wait. . .)

I’m still a little cranky, so things that would normally flow right by me make me grumble. Perfectly reasonable, diplomatically worded suggestions make me ill. Seeing that tomorrow’s temperatures are supposed to be near 80 makes me ill. (It’s still January, people – we need a little winter here! And besides, I have to work.) Then again, the fact that it is supposed to be in the mid-50’s on Thursday also makes me ill. I mean, probably not just grumpy ill, but ill ill. These unseasonably warm days followed by 30 degree dips in temperature play havoc on this already congested head of mine. Why I’m just the head chimp in a barrel full of monkeys, aren’t I?


If I was a better pastor-type, a properly spiritual person, then this is the point where I would find the nugget of wisdom hidden in the wastebasket of overflowing tissues. But no, I’m too busy sitting here wondering who is going to empty that wastebasket and why they haven’t already done it. (Wait. That’s me, isn’t is?)

So there you have it, folks. Simply Jan at her whiny, stuffy, low energy, starving, cranky ~ cough, cough, cough ~ real self. Thanks for sticking around!


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One thought on “The Head (Cranky) Chimp

  1. On thank God for no moral to the story. I so appreciate your honest voice!

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