A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life

Real Life Returns

It had to end, I know.

Flexible schedule. All my chicks in the nest. Games, movies, books, laughter, and relaxation. Later mornings that made later nights possible.

That’s what the time between Christmas and beginning of school in January felt like here this year. It’s true that a good portion of the time we all felt snorty, sneezy, and puny. While our puniness rearranged our Christmas plans with extended family in unexpected ways, it also allowed us to enjoy home and one another in a way that we’re normally too busy and too active to do. It was nice – snorts, sneezes, and all.

The little ones are back in school. The big one moved back to her apartment downtown tonight and will start a new semester tomorrow. I’m back in the office and the January schedule is quickly filling up with meetings and projects.

I have some exciting training opportunities coming up this first quarter of 2013. There are a couple of deadlines for project submissions that are pushing me to dream big and work hard. I spent a good part of the afternoon marking dates and events on the big calendar at church, all the while making notes of ideas and possibilities to share with church leaders. So many possibilities . . .

Yes, it had to end.But the ending is opening the door for some exciting new beginnings.

ending beginning


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4 thoughts on “Real Life Returns

  1. I am so glad that you and yours had such a good time!

  2. It is going to be a good year! I think it will be a year of growth and opportunities for you. I am looking forward to seeing what happens. I loved being able to share some of the laughter and fun during the holidays but really didn’t like the whole coughing, snorts, sneezes thing.

  3. I remember well, holiday time like this, back when my kids were little and we’d stay home and be lazy. We’d go sledding and drink hot chocolate or go to a movie or just veg out. So nice….

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