A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life

One Word 2013


The word pushes us past what we know and what we can see, toward what could be. It challenges the quote, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep being what you’ve always been.” Sure there are things we have achieved that we want to hold on to, but aren’t there also things we wish could be different? What are those things, and how can we achieve them?

Most of us settle – either out of a need for security, or out of laziness, or maybe out of sheer exhaustion – to live our lives in fairly neat, predictable boxes. Our world, our smaller communities, our friends, and our families have certain expectations of us. She’s the quiet one. He’s the funny one. She’s talker. He’s a thinker. Oh, I’m sure she will do ___. Why, he would never do ____.

But what if the quiet one has something to say? And what if the funny one has a serious side? What if the talker needs to get away alone? What if the thinker wants to act a fool for a change? What if there is something more to us outside of what others expect? What if there is more to us than we ourselves expect?

In 2013, I want to carve out a few peep-holes in the box I live in. I want to imagine ways my life could be different – fuller, more joyful, healthier. What are ways that I could make my mark in this world bolder, better, and more beautiful?

Who knows? By the end of 2013, maybe I will have graduated from peepholes to doors – out of my box and into a world full of possibilities I’d never imagined – until now.


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5 thoughts on “One Word 2013

  1. MaryAnne on said:

    What a wonderfully delightful post. I look forward to hearing what you see through the peepholes.

  2. Imagine is one of my favorite words. I hope you have a splendid year exploring its many ways.

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