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I Live You!

I love you.


Those are three of the most precious words a person can ever hear. Or, in this day and age, three of the most precious words you can ever read. My oldest daughter lives away from home right now. A junior in college, it’s the right time for her to test her independence and self-sufficiency. I miss her, but we still talk a lot. Well, we don’t really “talk” all that much. She’s never been one to enjoy telephone conversations. But that girl can and will text! It makes my heart happy every night when I read, “love you moms! night!” (That’s right – no capital letters. It’s her signature style.)

I tell her that I love her all the time. Or, since so much of our conversation these days is in writing, text her. There’s just one little problem. When you text on a touch screen phone, particularly when you are in a hurry or are very sleepy, it is easy to make mistakes. More often than not, when I tell my daughter that I love her, it comes out that I live her. I’m usually pretty good about proofreading even my texts, so I catch and correct it most of the time.

I was starting to get annoyed at how often I was having to correct I live you. After all, she isn’t the only one I express love to in text messages. I tell my brother that I love him. I tell my nieces I love them. (I would tell my nephews too if only they would text their auntie! And my parents emphatically refuse to text, so they get it the old-fashioned way – by voice.) I tell my friends that I love them. It comes easily for me. Still, that’s a lot of times to have to change live to love, you know?

Then I realized that I live you is pretty doggone accurate. When you love someone, you do live for them. You do want to give them the best of yourself – your time, your attention, your support. If one of my kids needs something – even if it’s 1:30 a.m. and the phone call from college scares the bejeezus out of me because she just slammed her thumb in a car door and wonders if it is broken (thank God that’s all it was!) – I WILL be there to answer the phone and to try to help. (And no, it wasn’t broken. Thank God again.) If someone I love is hurting, I feel that hurt in my own heart. If someone I love is celebrating, I feel that joy in my own soul. The people I love are so much a part of my life that yes, I do live them.

So maybe I should give up the incessant text corrections. If you get a text from me and it says I live you, I really do. Oh – and I love you, too!


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5 thoughts on “I Live You!

  1. Beautiful. Thank you. I live it.

  2. This made me cry. I love it!

  3. Great one, Sis. Don’t autocorrect your life, just live and love it!

  4. Love it and live it….

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