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Notes from the First Week of School

Signs of Contentment

“It seems like we’re at school for just an hour and then it’s time to go home.” ~ Mia

The school year is off to a good start for the kids. Mia doesn’t have many of her old friends in her new class, but she has been talking about her new best friend, Sophie. Her best-est BFF from last year moved away over the summer. She does get to see two of her other good friends from last year every day at recess, so life is good. 

“I want to give my teacher a gift. She’s the best teacher in the whole wide world!     ~ Gus

Gus has a new “very best friend” who filled the slot vacated by Austin, who moved over the summer. The downside to attending school on a military base is that they have to say goodbye to friends a lot. The upside is that they meet new friends who have lived all over the country and the world. I am thinking that he may have his very first crush on a teacher. He hasn’t even fussed (yet) when I get him to re-do parts of his homework so that it will be neater. He wants it to be good for Ms. Dillard.

Most Interesting Car Conversation of the Week

As we drove home from school on Tuesday, the kids were looking at the world map in their school agendas. Mia said, “There’s France. That’s on my bucket list.” (Hmmm. What does a 9-year-old know about bucket lists?) “And Greece. And Italy. Don’t you think Italy would be fun, Mom?” (I’m thoroughly impressed with her choices and hope she’ll let me tag along.) Gus is equally enthralled with the map. He chimes in with, “Afghanistan is on my bucket list. And Iraq. And I really want to go to Haiti, too.” (Oh goodness. Boys really are different, aren’t they? I am not so sure I want to tag along on his trips – at least to the warring Middle East.)

Update from College

Anna loves living back on campus. An apartment is much better than a dorm, even if the apartment is freezing most of the time. She likes her classes. She will be reading “all the time” this semester. She, along with everybody else, is fighting the back-to-campus crud that always appears when hundreds of students converge in a confined area. She’s eating all kinds of new and interesting foods – a first for her. Thank God I have custody of Rookie, or she might have such a good time that I would never see her!

As for Mom . . .

I’m back at the gym. I’m sore, but loving it. I’ve loved being super-productive at work this week. I’ve been waking up before the alarm goes off every morning, which is highly unusual since I most certainly am not a morning person. Of course I miss having Anna around, but I am thrilled to hear her sounding so happy and excited. I hope our routine will become normalized over the next week or so. In the meantime, I am thankful for good beginnings.


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3 thoughts on “Notes from the First Week of School

  1. I am so glad the kids are getting off to a good start. I know how much you love all of your kids and want the best for them. I know you missed them that first day of school, even though you, Anna, and I got to celebrate my birthday at Okras! I miss Anna not being around all the time. It has been a great summer and I loved spending more time with Gus and Mia and Anna as well as you.

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  3. My son started college last week. Its been fin getting him ready. He’s living with us though, but thats okay. How delightful that your kids are starting off the year so well. Always a relief when that happens.

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