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Guest Post: Ordinary Wonders

I’m trying to fit as much as possible into these last days of summer. Right now I’m in the midst of time with family. Next week I will be in the middle of Hands of Christ, which is probably my all-time favorite of all outreach ministries, even if it will wear me slap out. The week after that, I will be helping Anna move into her downtown apartment as she prepares to start her junior year of college and getting my younger ones ready for a new school year. Needless to say, my posts will be sporadic for the next little bit. I will be collecting memories and and ideas and storing them away in my journal to share with you later.

In the meantime, I was invited guest post on my friends’ blog, Ordinary Wonders. I hope you will drop by there. You’ll want to return again, I am sure. These ladies do a great job with sharing the extraordinary beauty of life found in the most ordinary places.


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2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Ordinary Wonders

  1. Got here via Ivon’s blog reccomendation-look forward to following you!

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