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I Feel Her Pain


This is Missy, better known as Tubs. Tubs loves her family – the big people, the little people, the furry people (known by most people as kitties and puppy). But Tubs is also an introvert. Sometimes a kitty just needs to get away by herself for a little while, you know? One of the kitchen cabinets that stores seldom used items makes a great cat cave. The only problem is, while she can easily get in, she can’t always get back out by herself. Apparently the risk of extended alone time is worth it, because she keeps going back.

I feel your pain, Tubs. Is there room in there for me?


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4 thoughts on “I Feel Her Pain

  1. You haven’t had much Jan time recently. I know how much you love the kids and enjoy them and I know having them home all summer with no alone time is a challenge. You and the kitty might need to climb in there together for a little while.

  2. I love this Jan!! It’s a great reminder how important we are and how often we forget to take time for ourselves. We all need a cat cave to retreat to now and then. We can only pray it’s inhabited by four-legged furry kitties and not two-legged children asking for snacks…

  3. This kitty usually spends part of the day outside in our enclosed back yard. The heat has been too bad to let her out the last few days. I never realized that cats could be introverted too until I observed her behavior. She just has to have some alone time. I do think she will let me join her, though, as long as I promise to be quiet and leave her alone. 🙂

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