A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life

You Know. . .


. . . it’s been hot when 93 degrees feels downright balmy.

. . . it’s been too hot for too long when the kids’ arguments increase by 30%, their energy by 60%, their volume by 80 %, and your impatience by 90%.

. . . your vacation did you some good when you outline 9 weeks’ worth of worship themes, begin collecting liturgy, complete bulletin information for Sunday, and finish two loads of laundry – all before lunch. (Mind you, we didn’t eat until 1:15, but still!)

. . . you’re ready to be back at work when, on a quick stop by the office to pick up your paycheck (I work from home on Mondays), you find you just have to sneak a peek at things that have collected in your box over the past week because it looks so interesting.

. . . you’re immersed in the imaginary world of the novel you are reading when your daughter catches you staring intently at the window – the one with closed blinds!

. . . your 8-year-old is growing up when she starts obsessing over the colors and price of the iPod shuffle, along with the contents of her piggy bank.

. . . your writing well is still trying to refill (or maybe your brain is simply fried by the heat) when your blog post is just a list of things you know – and you realize you only know seven things!

. . .


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3 thoughts on “You Know. . .

  1. Can definitely relate to some of this! lol Especially the temperatures. 112 several days in a row is not okay with me!

  2. What a productive day!
    I’ll spend time in my head today figuring out what I know (or don’t!)

  3. Goodness. Yes, I know exactly what you mean on all of these.

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