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A vacation that is spent at one’s home enjoying all that home and one’s home environs have to offer.

Tonight is the last night of vacation – this one, anyway. For various reasons, I decided to make this time off a staycation. Usually when I take time off, I’m on the road – to the farm, to Montreat, to . . . somewhere other than home. I love vacations. I love to go – almost anywhere.

This time, however, it just seemed right to stay put with the kids. For the three weeks prior to my time off, I was missing a kid. Anna spent one week at the beach with a friend. The day after she returned, Mia left for almost two weeks with my parents in Florida, welcoming our newest (very handsome) family member. Three weeks is a long time to have your chicks scattered!

eli Welcome, Elijah David!

Of course, I live in a destination spot. People leave their homes to come here for vacation. Why leave, right? So this week, we’ve slept a little later. (Yes, even the kids.) We had two rainy, stay-at-home days  and three beach days. (Only two sunburned noses!) We saw two movies – Madagascar 3 and Brave. (Yes, again. I really do love that movie. Plus, my friend Cathy wanted to see it and no one should have to go to a movie alone.) We had three 100+ degree temperature days. (And three 110-122 degree heat index days.) There were three play-outside-until-dark-drives-you-in evenings, one bloody nose, two very hot runs, and quite a few hours of watching Olympic trials. We had several meals (and one ice cream outing) with Cathy. I read one book. (And I’m well into a second.) Today, instead of leading worship myself, I visited a church with almost legendary status in town. (Nice to experience a change, but I’ll take PCPC any day!)

Monday morning is right around the corner. It will be time to get my head in the game again. I think I’ll be ready . . . although there’s a lot to be said for lazy days in summer.


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8 thoughts on “Staycation

  1. Thank you for including me in some of your staycation. Of course our first attempt at a beach day was the day with torrential downpours.The second one worked out much better. I agree with taking PCPC over the legendary. And they did steal your sermon idea about stories. 🙂 Tomorrow is back to normal and I know you will be ready to jump in with both feet!

  2. Cathy, you made staycation even more fun for us! My kids adore you! Maybe next time you won’t go off and leave us in the middle.

  3. Staycations can be a lot of fun! You can use them to get a few things done but you must intentionally weave some fun into your action plan. Sounds like you had some great down time with the kids. Congratulations on your newest family member!

    • We did have a great staycation this time. My last one, on the kids’ spring break, I did several major projects around the house and was glad to get back to work so I could catch up on rest!

  4. A staycation sounds like fun, I tend to find that if I stay home, I spend time instead on all the tasks I’ve been putting off and end up getting little rest. How do you avoid not getting pulled into the daily routine of chores and housework in general?

    • It’s easy to fall into that trap. This time I did pretty good at not getting sucked into the “chores as usual” routine. I waited a little longer than I should have for time off, so I was physically/emotionally exhausted. That made me really want the break. We also left the house often – for the beach, for the theater, etc.

  5. Fun post! We elected to do several mini stay cations this year as opposed to a long out of town trip. It’s nice to not have all the travel hassel.

    My youngest son’s name is Elijah David!

    I love your blog tag line!

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