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RGBP Friday Five

Mary Beth offers our Friday Five over at RevGalBlogPals:

What are five things that you REALLY REALLY REALLY like about the current season where you live? 
and, for a bonus:
Something you are looking forward to about another season?

1) I love the beach.  Now that I live a short drive away, I can go to the beach on weekends and days off and still be home in time to cook supper. I find everything about the beach to be soothing: the sounds, the sun, the surf. My children love it. They can play for hours on end without a single squabble. And did I mention that there’s always a breeze? Today was the first day of a serious heat wave in the Southeast. The temps were 100+ with higher heat indexes. On the beach, the breeze and the surf kept it comfortable all day. It wasn’t until we left the beach that we realized how hot it really was.

droid back up 6-4-12 1084

2) I love Montreat. I don’t get up to the mountains as often as I used to when I lived in Landrum, but I try to get there for a week during the summer, even if it isn’t officially for a conference. Last year I spent the week reading, writing, and planning. I hope to do it again before school starts back.

Montreat July 2011 008

3) I love the flexible schedule. I’m not as strict about bedtime during the summer, nor do we have to wake up as early. I don’t feel like we’re running ourselves ragged with homework, projects, meetings, etc. I admit to being anxious when school let out for summer about the long days ahead of us. I can’t afford full-time daycare for two kids, so they are with me almost always, whether it’s a work day or a play day. In addition, I lose all of my alone “me” time in the summer – time that is a lifeline for an introvert like me. Even if my alone “me” time takes place in my study at work during the school year, at least it is alone time. I have been pleasantly surprised so far. We’ve been able to mix things up enough to hold boredom and aggravation at bay. We’re enjoying our summer together. About 51 days to go!

no schedule

4) I love a summer wardrobe. I much prefer sandals, flip flops, shorts, and cool summer dresses to pants and sweaters, socks and shoes. I’ve discovered a great new flip flop made by Olukai that offers enough support to keep my tendonitis (mostly) in check.


5) I love fresh produce. Sweet corn. Juicy tomatoes. Refreshing watermelon and cantaloupe. Fried okra. Beans and peas of every variety. Yum. Oh, and while it isn’t fresh produce, ice cream – which is good any time of year – is especially yummy in summer. Bonus points if the ice cream is homemade!


Bonus: What am I looking forward to in a different season? As much as I love a flexible schedule, by the time August rolls around I will be ready for a routine again. Fall will bring that kind of routine (with alone “me” time included), as well as cooler temps. I might even be ready for blue jeans and long pants again . . . eventually. (Shoes? Never!)


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7 thoughts on “RGBP Friday Five

  1. I know you miss your “me” time, but I think you have done remarkably well this summer. Sun and surf look good on you! You had to mention ice cream? I have ‘t had any in a long time. I need to do that soon.

  2. Looking forward to checking out those sandals!

  3. the beach of course–and summer clothes are the best. I’d love to go to Montreat someday… peace!

  4. I love summer – being able to grow things without threat of frost, being able to walk without ice on the ground, being able to enjoy summer foods like hamburgers, local sweet corn, being able to pick blueberries (the local crop will start coming in during the next 3-4 days here in upstate New York, United States). As for fall – the leaves turn, the days turn crisp, the apples come in. But, I want summer to last!

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