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All Used Up

My brother told me once that when his kids were little and got really talkative (you know, the nonstop train of thought monologues), he used to tell them that God gives us a certain number of words to use each day and they had used theirs up. That’s what I call a nice way to tell somebody to hush up!

I had a word-heavy day at work today – mainly written words. Every time I thought about sitting down to write tonight, I found I couldn’t. I was strangely anchored to the couch and reruns of Bones. I guess I’ve used up my allotment for today.

Tomorrow is a new day with a brand new word allotment. Until then, I’m going to hush.


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3 thoughts on “All Used Up

  1. I think you’re on to something there. I find that there is a limit to how much I can focus on writing and/or talking on any given day. Fun way to look at this! 🙂

  2. Love this post, too! We can’t give from an empty well. Somehow social media teaches us that we have to be constantly saying something. I forget sometimes that it’s okay to fill up.

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