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I’d Like to Introduce You…

Great writers share. Not just their own knowledge, ideas, and expertise. They also share the work of others and credit them accordingly. ~ Jeff Goins, 15 Habits of Great Writers, Day 10

I follow so many wonderful writers. Some days it’s hard to keep up with them all because my Google Reader, Facebook, and Twitter feeds just explode with greatness. So much talent! So many good ideas! I would like to share with you a few of my favorites. (In addition, of course, to Jeff’s blog, linked above!)


Jon Acuff’s Blog – Jon was first known for his blog, Stuff Christians Like. It’s still going strong and I’m a regular reader, but I especially enjoy his blog on writing, creativity, and social media. My dream is to one day make it to his Quitter’s Conference.

Karen Salmonsohn – I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this blog, but Karen’s images and quotes never fail to inspire me. I’m a visual learner/remember-er, so her blog is like magic for me. She inspires the kind of creativity that makes me think it’s okay to make up words I need, like “remember-er.”

Rachelle Gardner – Rachelle is a literary agent. Her blog offers a treasure-trove of opportunities to learn more about the writing/publishing business. When the day comes I need an agent – and I hope that will be sooner than later – I pray I will find one who has a mentor’s heart like Rachelle.

Spirituality and Religion

RevGalBlogPals – I’ve been a member of this web ring since its infancy. Through it, I’ve met many amazing people – men and women, some in ministry and some not – who have hearts and pens of gold. For me to name specific blogs from the ring would be like trying to name a favorite child. Just can’t do it!

Jamie, the Very Worst Missionary – I put Jamie very high on my list of bloggers I’d love to meet and have coffee with one day. Who knows? Maybe it can happen since she and her family will be coming back stateside soon after five years of missionary service in Costa Rica. Jamie’s honesty and humor, coupled with real-life faith, make this blog worth your time.

Naked Pastor – Sometimes I think David Hayward spies on me. There have been so many times when his cartoon for the day or his latest Sophia drawing have reflected my life and struggles.

Rachel Held Evans – This is one brave, articulate woman. Her posts will teach you something new, make you think again about the things you thought you knew, and draw you into deeper conversations about faith.


Writing as Jo(e) – Technically I’m cheating here, since my connection with Jo(e) came through RGBPs. I think it’s okay to cheat since some of my favorite posts of hers fall in the category of photography. She has an eye for beauty!

Charleston Daily Photo – Joan Perry lives here in Charleston and posts amazing photos from this region. Her blog has given me new eyes for seeing my surroundings, especially when walking in historic downtown.

Ashley Sisk – Ashley’s blog is the home of Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This photo challenge is open to everyone and is so much fun. Even if you aren’t interested in taking pictures yourself, drop by to see her masterpieces as well as those who link to her blog for the weekly challenge.

In Real Life

I saved the best for last – bloggers I know in real life. There is an added dimension to reading a blog when you interact on a personal level with the writer. These women are smart, strong, creative, and inspirational. I’m proud to call them my friends.

Cathy’s Voice Now – I count Cathy as one of my very best friends. She’s also my best cheerleader, motivator, and deliverer of a swift kick in the pants when I need it. Her story is nothing short of amazing. I’m so happy she made the decision to share it. It will change lives. Mark my words.

Ordinary Wonders – Anita and Stacy, two of the three authors of Ordinary Wonders, are also writing buddies who graciously opened their writing group to me. Anita has published a number of articles/stories and is gifted in mentoring other writers. Stacy, who is also a hospital chaplain at MUSC, has a powerful memoir waiting for the perfect agent, editor, and publisher. I’ll be able to say “I knew her back when” once her book in on the shelves of our bookstores!

Angie Mizzell – Okay, so I’m cheating again. I haven’t actually met Angie face-to-face yet, even though we live just across town from each other. Still, we’re practically blood kin!!! Just ask her! And that IRL meeting? It’s happening soon. Right, Angie? (I’ll hold Cate for you! I might even give the cutie back – eventually!)


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3 thoughts on “I’d Like to Introduce You…

  1. Jan, You introduced me to several to those blogs and I love them. Jon Acuff, Rachael Held Evans, and Naked Pastor. I did wonder what the heck Naked Pastor was. LOL I love Charleston Daily Photo. Joan Perry and I have known each other for about 12 years now. She gave me a beautiful framed photo from Folly Beach and also took some amazing pictures when I got married.
    You are one of my very best friends as well and you return the kick in the pants, motivation, and cheerleading. I love that we can share writing as well as our friendship.

  2. nice. I only know a couple of these. will need to check out the rest…if my summer ever slows down enough for me to catch my breath.

  3. I had the honor of meeting Rachelle at a writers conference. She offered great feedback that helped me restructure my memoir. And yes, a meeting soon! Cate needs to meet her cousin Jan. Or is it Aunt Jan? 🙂

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