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A Little Bird Told Me

little bird

Sometimes I feel like my study at church is actually a tree house. The young tree outside hasn’t grown tall enough yet to cover my second story window, but it is tall enough to show sufficient greenery to make me feel like I’m perched on a limb. Today I had a lot of company in my tree house. These two birds and about four of their good friends congregated on the window sill, chirping excitedly about something. One little fellow was particularly interested in what I was doing inside. While the others looked out over the church parking lot, he peeked inside, tilting his head curiously from side to side. I was working on my sermon, trying to bring order to the messy thoughts I’d collected over the week.

“Will this illustration work, or is this other one better?” Chirp, chirp!

“So the second one is better?” Chirp!

“Is this part too boring, too drawn out?” Chirp!

“Yeah, I thought so. I need to change the wording.” Chirp, chirp!!!

“Oh, so I should cut it then?” CHIRP!

“Well you could be nicer about it!”

My chirping editor flew away with his buddies, apparently satisfied that his work was done. Whether people like the sermon this Sunday or not, do you think they will believe me when I give credit (or criticism) to my feathered editor? Because really, a little bird told me!

By the way, if the feedback is positive, I’ll be sure to take bird seed next week as payment for services rendered – and as a bribe for future help!


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2 thoughts on “A Little Bird Told Me

  1. Now if they could just talk and share their words of bird wisdom. I have a feeling the feedback is going to be great. Maybe your feathered friends will “tweet about it.” LOL

  2. No doubt the assistance of a little bird is a benefit and a blessing – regardless of what the congregation thinks! (Cute)

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