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Things I Learned This Weekend

* Sometimes, when all the stars align just right with friends’/church members’ schedules, I get to have a few hours of “big girl” time, sans kids. Most of the time, I have no clue what to do with “big girl” time.

* I do, however, have a friend who knows what to do. Cathy introduced me to Reds, a seafood restaurant/bar on Shem Creek. Quite the happening place! Reds is a fun place where people – and dogs – go to hang out.


* When at a place where social gathering takes place, I’m much more likely to introduce myself to a pit bull than I am to, say, a guy. Especially a pit who knows how to conduct himself around the ladies (see picture above) and who is extremely laid back (see picture below). By the way, his name is Bones and he defies every possible stereotype for his his breed.

droid back up 6-4-12 1134

* Friends rarely run out of things to talk about. When they do, silence is okay. Silence is rare, however.

* When you drink multiple glasses of ice tea and water throughout the afternoon and evening, you can expect to wake up a lot a night.

* Mosquitoes make you think that Tiki torches repel them as long as it is still light outside. That’s so that when it is dark, your guard is down and they can feast on you freely.

tiki torch

* If you ever want to find a home away from home where they truly make you feel at home, drop by Paul and Janice’s!

* Why is it that when  storm blows through at night and I lie awake in bed waiting for my kids to come to my room because they are afraid, they end up sleeping through the storm?

* My very first thoughts when awakened from a deep sleep aren’t necessarily maternal. Mia woke me in the night to let me know she needed her nasal spray so she could breathe. My very first thought was, “Really? You can’t wait until morning to breathe?” Luckily, my second, much more maternal thought came very quickly on the heels of the first, and I took her downstairs to find the nasal spray she needed.

* Work at home days can be quite productive. That’s a positive sign since it’s the first work-at-home Monday of the summer. However, for the record, I am not a fan of doorbells during the summer.


* I love our service repair guy! It is a wonderful thing to have a working icemaker, a fully functional upstairs hall bath, a kitchen light that responds when you flick the switch, and a back door that doesn’t stick. Now, if I had just thought to have him disconnect that doorbell. Or maybe rig it like this:

trick doorbell


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7 thoughts on “Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. He was a great dog and that little dog with him was so funny. We did see quite a few good looking dogs. Missed Anna but it was nice to have big girl time. I might be able to fix that doorbell for you!

  2. My first maternal thought was often just like yours, too. And hopefully I managed to keep the thought in my head and not let it escape through my lips while still half asleep…

    lots of good learnings, here. I especially love the pitbull. We have pit mix and she is the sweetest dog! and, as I have three, all of whom I love, to call her the sweetest means something.

    • janice on said:

      It’s wonderful to know that my guests can feel at home. It just doesn’t get any better than that…

      • Janice, your home has felt like home-away-from-home from the very first time I stepped into it. You and Paul are like family. Thank you for being there!

    • Thank you, Terri. That makes me feel better to know I’m not the only non-maternal mother when awakened from a dead sleep. 🙂

      I hate that the pit breed has gotten such a bad rap. I have a high respect for them – they are sheer muscle and strength – but I think that so many of them are so very sweet.

    • Oops, Terri. Not sure why my response posted in the wrong place!

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