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Scavenger Hunt Sunday #4

The rules are easy and the hunt is fun. Click over to Ramblings and Photos to find out how to join in.

scavenger hunt sunday

I must confess: I found this week’s words to be particularly challenging, so I pulled more pictures from my archives than normal – 3 out of 5. This week made me work!



We had dramatic skies this week as Beryl passed through.


Spring and Air Show 2011 133

With an Air Force Base in town, we occasionally get to play host to fighter jets. This is a picture of the Blue Angels who were in town for the Spring Air Show.


Gus 8th birthday 007

What’s wrong with this picture? Notice that my leftie is holding his Paper Jamz guitar upside down. According to him, they just made it backwards!



Something magical happens every time I drive through these gates. I exhale stress and anxiety and inhale a deep sense of peace. This is God’s playground!



The magnolias are in bloom Plain white petals, simple green leave – plainly elegant.


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4 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday #4

  1. Love the picture of the upside down guitar. Montreat is the definition of peace!! The Magnolia is gorgeous.
    Nice pics.

  2. Great job with the sky capture and the flower shot!

  3. What a lovely set! Nice interpretations, great job! 🙂

  4. Great set – really love shine.

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