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The Official Beginning of Summer: Update

schools out 

* It arrived at 11:10 a.m., when the kids bolted from the sidewalk in front of the school into the back seat of the car. No more school until August 20th. In case your calendar isn’t handy, that is 11 weeks and a weekend, folks. 80 days. Did I mention that all-day summer day care for two children for an entire summer is totally out of my financial reach? Thank God for job flexibility! (Literally!) I have a few things lined up that they will enjoy. I have some vacation I need to take. I hope we’ll all be able to see grandparents some – something we haven’t had nearly enough of lately. Still, 80 days is a long time! Pray for me, folks!

* So far, there been one game of Phase 10, multiple games of Mancala, and some Wii dancing. Right now all three of the kids are playing some other Wii game that appears to be causing more frustration that enjoyment.

* Anna has a date tonight. Mia has a sleepover. It looks like date night for me and Gus!

* My property manager did a pre-lease-renewal inspection recently. Today they had someone to come out to pressure wash the house. Nice! Now if I could just get them to fix our pitiful back porch!

* I said that I wasn’t going to continue to blog every day, but I was getting a little twitchy. I guess 31 days was long enough to form a habit.

* And last, but not least . . .


birthday cow 


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2 thoughts on “The Official Beginning of Summer: Update

  1. You will survive. I will do my best to help you maintain sanity. By the way my birthday gift to you is kids going back to school. (Aug 20 is my birthday). Don’t know your MaMa yet but feel like I do. So Happy Birthday to her.

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