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Happy Dance Time!

Excuse me for just a minute while I do a happy dance . . .


This is my second year to participate in the WordCount Blogathon. Posting every day for 31 consecutive days is a challenge. Last year when I took on the challenge, I had no idea what to expect. This year, I almost didn’t participate because, well, I did know to expect. It is hard! The advantage to this year’s blogathon was having a good friend participating with me. Cathy (Cathy’s Voice Now) held me accountable, kept me motivated, gave me some great blog ideas, and even gave me a great big double dare – which I took! Thanks, Cathy!

Here are a few things I discovered in this year’s challenge:

1) The whole “butt in chair” approach to writing is what it takes. In order to have something to post for 31 days in a row, I had to make myself sit down every day – or almost every day, some days I wrote ahead and scheduled posts – and do the work of writing. And yes, it is work.

2) When I know I have to write sometime in the course of the day, it changes the way I think. My “zone out” time behind the wheel of the car becomes brainstorming time. I’ve pulled out my notebook more often to jot down ideas to explore later. (I say I won’t forget, but I always do!) When I read, I more readily notice what makes for good writing. I also notice what makes for not-so-good writing, too.

3) I “met” some great people. It has been fun to read a wide variety of writing on a crazy array of topics. It also has been encouraging to get more feedback from more people.

4) In searching for inspiration, I discovered Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Photography has always been an interest of mine. I love the challenge finding images to match the week’s words/phrases. I plan to continue with it, although I must say that this week’s list is hard!

5) What I thought would be the easiest theme post of the month – the Wordle – ended up being the hardest and the most time consuming. (Maybe if I had read and followed Michelle’s instructions from the beginning, it would have been different.) What I thought would be the hardest theme post of the month – haiku, because I’m really not a poet – ended up being the easiest. Go figure.

6) One of the biggest highlights was being included in the article featured on the Second Act blog. I felt honored to be included.

7) As satisfied and proud as I feel to have written every day for 31 days on my blog, I don’t think that daily posts will be the best way for me to continue to go. First, some days it is a real struggle to find interesting, relevant topics. I don’t want to put drivel out just to say I posted. Second, life gets crazy busy. Enough said about that. Third, when I put so much time and energy into the blog, my other projects suffer. There is only just so much time in a day. So I while I plan to continue the daily writing, not all of it will be blog posts. I will figure out a schedule and plan to stay very blog-active, but daily posts will probably end very soon – until next May!

I could keep on going, but seven feels like a good, complete number. Thanks to Michelle Rafter for setting this up and inviting us in! I hope we have the chance to do it again next year!

i did it


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5 thoughts on “Happy Dance Time!

  1. You got me into this and I am glad you did. You kept me going as well..even until the challenge to finish first tonight. I still can’t believe you took the dare. LOL Thanks for bringing me alone for the ride. 🙂

  2. “Butt in the chair” is what it’s all about.

    Love that you used drive time to brainstorm. I do that too when I’m driving too and from taking my son to school. A lot of times I’ll even turn off the radio to think about whatever it is I’m writing or have to write or want to write.

    So glad that you enjoyed it this year – and you’re right, the second time is harder because you know what you’re in for.

    Michelle Rafter

  3. You nailed it with the “butt in the chair” post and filling empty space with brainstorming. Both are so true. Enjoyed reading you this month.

  4. congratulations! I really admire that you’re so productive although you have so much going on IRL.

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