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Wordle – May 28, 2012


I must say I was surprised by some of the words that appear. I will confess to using blogger’s license and omitting the following words: flies, bleach, and kill.

Happy Memorial Day!


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5 thoughts on “Wordle – May 28, 2012

  1. LOL! I love the words you omitted…and I will say, I’d have done that too!! Very nice. I love the words that show up.

    • LOL! In one of the Wordle models that came up, “KILL” was in large bold print almost in the center! Really? I think I’ve used that word in one post in the 7+ years I’ve blogged!

  2. wordle is always interesting…and I would have done the edit too – especially the word “KILL”…yikes… so weird it was as prominent as it was considering how little you have used that word. I guess it also takes the most recent as well as the most frequent…

  3. Too funny about the flies, bleach and kill. Would love to know the post that refers to! 😉

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