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Why I’m On a Murderous Rampage (Of Sorts)

I’m not sure if it was the bananas, the apples, or the cantaloupe that the fruit flies hitched a ride on to get inside my house. At this point, it doesn’t really matter. All I know is that what started as an effort to get more fruits in myself and my children, ended up with an infestation of the annoying little gnats. They reproduce faster than dust bunnies and piles of paper – and in my house, that is saying a lot!

fruit flies

It’s my own fault, I guess. I made the mistake of ignoring them at first. After all, there were just a few of the tiny little invaders. Once the fruit was put away, eaten, or thrown out, they would disappear too, right? Wrong. They moved in, invited their friends and relatives, and turned my kitchen into a partying frat house of fruit flies.

I’m tired of it! I set up a couple of little “traps.” They didn’t work. Anna had a blast sucking them out of the air with the vacuum cleaner. That helped for a little while, but before we knew it they were back in full force. I googled for solutions last night and came out fighting this morning. Right now my kitchen smells like bleach and Febreze. I’ve rinsed the disposal and the sink drain with bleach. I’ve scrubbed the sinks with bleach. I’ve scrubbed the counters with bleach. And the Febreze? Well, it should have been Windex instead, but I didn’t have any handy. The little suckers can’t fly with wet wings and the cleaner in it kills them, so I soak them down when the light somewhere and then clean them up. I also have a bowl of sudsy water in the sink. Apparently they are drawn to the suds – especially if the dishwashing detergent you use is fruit flavored, which mine is – and they end up drowning.

I’m normally a tenderhearted person when it comes to critters. I’ve been known to catch bugs – spiders even – and set them loose outside. I rescue earthworms from sidewalks and roads to keep them from drying up and dying when the sun comes out. It broke my heart to have to kill a snake in my yard a few weeks ago – until it was confirmed that it was a poisonous snake. Then I knew it had to go. (Okay, I have to confess: I didn’t kill it. I couldn’t; not just because I’m tenderhearted, but because I was scared of it. Let’s just say that I’m very thankful for friendly, helpful neighbors.) I don’t kill things unless I have to. However, ticks, fleas, flies and ants in the house, and roaches are all on my “I’m going to have to ask God how those particular creations could be called ‘good’” list and therefore will be killed immediately until I know God’s answer. And now add to that list, fruit flies. Kill those critters! All of them! Now!

If you have secrets for the successful eradication of fruit flies, please pass them on – just in case my bleach/Febreze/suds routine fails me. These suckers have GOT to go!

*Note: I was going to get all preachy and use fruit flies as a metaphor for those things in life that if we ignore them, they multiply and make life all yucky. But it is Saturday and a holiday weekend at that, so I didn’t. Time to get out and have some fun! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, Everybody!


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13 thoughts on “Why I’m On a Murderous Rampage (Of Sorts)

  1. Jan, here too. I use a product called Earth Enzymes that I get @ health food store; it can be ordered online also. You mix it w water & pour into your drains. It helped a friend w the same trouble recently. Good luck!

  2. Diatomaceous earth works OK, but bleach is my chemical of choice. Every single day until they are gone.
    Good luck!

  3. Save the fruit fly sermon. You might need it next week. 🙂
    Hope you got rid of them.

  4. Brenda on said:

    Good luck and I will call you when I see a snake.

  5. I’m having the same feelings about mosquitoes. I have so many bug bites I look like I have the chicken pox. Why are they so bad this year?

  6. ick. I do find that when I get fruit fly infestations, cleaning every thing – bowls, counter tops, sink, helps a lot…I don’t know what I’ve used, may be bleach. may have been vinegar…..anyway – I really do hope you get rid them. awful. annoying.

  7. We’ve had them for about 2 weeks. About a week ago I found a solution online. It’s 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons water, and a drop of mild dish detergent (I use Dawn). Put this mixture into a small clear bowl (seems to draw them more & faster with the clear bowl ~ not sure why) & place where ever you are having trouble with them. I tend to replace the mixture every 24-48 hours. If you do use the tacky tape ~ put them directly over the problem area!!! It is ineffective if you put it to the side, etc. Not only has this helped I think we only have a couple of gnats left. Saw amazing results within less than 24 hours!!! Hope that helps!

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