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My Other Wing

We are each of us angels with only one wing,
and we can only fly by embracing one another.
– Lucretius

Mia Award - Cooperation 007

I’ve written a lot about parenting. Unfortunately, too often my posts on parenting are born out of the challenges of parenting, especially parenting a high-demand, high energy child like my son. I don’t write nearly often enough about the joys of parenting: the laughter, the hugs, the kisses, the camaraderie, the adventures. And I don’t write enough about my other wing: my Mia.

Mia was given an award at her school today. Each month the school features a particular character trait and each classroom teacher names the child from the class who best exhibits that virtue. This month was cooperation. Mia won the award for her class.

Mia has so many good, strong character traits. Cooperation is definitely one of them. This is the easiest kid to love and to parent that I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t demand attention for herself. She doesn’t have to be pestered to do a chore. She always does her homework. She always cleans her room without be asked. She is always kind to our pets. She is a natural-born caretaker – a real Mama Mia. At the birthday party last weekend – the one her brother missed because he was on restriction – one of the other parents asked her, “Do you ever get in trouble?” The answer? “No, not really.”

Mia is not a perfect child, and after struggling with perfectionism my whole life, I don’t want her ever to feel like she has to be. But she is good. She is sweet. She is deeply compassionate. She is my angel – my other wing – and I thank God for her.

Mia Award - Cooperation 006


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7 thoughts on “My Other Wing

  1. Brenda on said:

    Congratulations to Mia and yes she is a little angel!

  2. Very nice. Mia is a beautiful little girl. Love that you got to go to the party with her. And I love the description as your other wing.

  3. Lovely daughter and mom!

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  5. She is so grown up!

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