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Attack of the Gremlins

They were everywhere on Thursday.

The electricity was out at work when we arrived. It soon returned, but it threw everything else electronic off-kilter – thermostats, internet, etc. The copier broke not just once, but twice. It require not just one, but two service calls in one day. Let me add that it was bulletin copying day. (If you’ve ever worked in a church, you understand the importance of that.) And this week, instead of having just one bulletin to produce, we had two. Of course.

My daughter called to tell me that when she got home from work, the electricity was out. Sort of. Power was out in the garage (no garage door opener) but on in the room over the garage (the fan was still on). The lights were out in the hallway, but not in the kitchen. The TV would turn on, but not the cable gateway. The fridge was off, but not the stove right beside it. Crazy stuff, I tell you!

When I finally got home, we had four trucks from the electric company in our yard. They were getting ready to leave. One of the drivers (very cute, but I swear he looked 15) assured me it was fixed. I walked in the house, where Anna assured me it was not. I ran back out and flagged down cute young guy. He and his buddy (who was at least 16) worked longer until it was fixed.

The only casualty of the outage was our cable gateway. No television. (Anna, who has been waiting anxiously for the Grey’s Anatomy finale, was crushed.) No internet either. (I, 17 days into a blogathon, got twitchy.) Thank God for On-Demand TV and smartphones. I thought I would have to write this post ~gasp~ with pen and paper or type it tonight on a ~gasp~ unconnected word processor and post it from a hot spot tomorrow. Instead, I decided to try my thumbs and the WordPress app. I wasn’t sure how it would format. I felt sure there would be more typos than usual. And I wasn’t even going to attempt to import a photo.

This gremlin has been a giant pain in the patootie, causing all kinds of inconveniences. But like that gremlin that attacked my friend Cathy’s gorgeous PT Cruiser (the link to which I would have put here if I hadn’t been typing this post on my phone – with my thumbs), it all falls under the category of itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny little first world problems. All is well, really, even if it has been pretty dang inconvenient. Right, Cathy?! (Please don’t hit me! You’ve had one heck of a week!)

With the rising of the sun we all get a new day. Here’s hoping it will be gremlin-free – for all of us!


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6 thoughts on “Attack of the Gremlins

  1. Did Gus spill water on Gizmo?

  2. Jan, I promise not to hit. BUT your gremlins followed me to work today. The electricity was out in the building and now the printer is not longer networked to anything. The back area was leaking due to the rain and during a tour of the facility we noticed a new leak in the roof. Really? I think we to cancel
    Sunday school and have a good old fashioned prayer meeting to get rid of these gremlins!!!!!

  3. Oh my. We’ve had that on occasion, the power out in some places and not other. But, having just watched the Grey’s Anatomy finale, let me just say – ick! I really disliked it.

    • We finally got our TV and internet service back today. Anna watched it online. She said it was awful – like, over-the-top gut-wrenching, even for a drama finale.

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