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Guest Post: The Associate Pastor of Paws

Today’s guest writer is Rookie, the PCPC Associate Pastor of Paws. He has been mentioned in numerous of my blog posts and was featured in this one.

Mostly Roo 010Rookie, in his clerical collar

A Few Pointers from the Associate of Paws

1) Life can get crazy. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re chasing the cat or if the cat is chasing you. Don’t let it get you down. Keep on running – no matter what.

2) Everybody has a passion in life. Mine is squirrels. I love barking at them, chasing them, staring out the window waiting for them, running around the base of the tree barking at them as they taunt me from above. Find your passion and stay after it, no matter how often others try to distract you from it with bones or cheese.

3) Sometimes you have to ask for what you want. Others don’t automatically know. For instance, my humans sometimes think that sleep is more important than breakfast. I need breakfast, so I remind them. Usually I jump up on the bed, stand on their belly, and scratch at them gently until they get it. Don’t forget that how you ask for something is also important. If you get too pushy and scratch too hard, they tend to be uncooperative and grumpy. If you cock your head to the side and look cute, you’re more likely to be successful. It’s okay to look pitiful every now and then if nothing else is working, but don’t do that too often. No one likes a chronically pitiful puppy.

4) Love everybody, but choose carefully who gets to pick you up. If you don’t set your boundaries, then people tend to run all over you, scooping you up in uncomfortable positions without permission. While I generally advise you to avoid growling, it is occasionally permissible.

5) Take a lot of naps. People think that cats have cornered the market on naps, but smart pups like me know their importance too. They pass the time between meals. And squirrels.


Did someone say squirrel?!


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9 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Associate Pastor of Paws

  1. Who knew you had such a talented dog? I have a feeling you might have helped him with this one. 🙂

  2. blessedmamaof5 on said:

    very cute!

  3. Tia Bach on said:

    A sweet post. Life lessons for all of us!

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