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Now, or Later?


It’s Saturday afternoon and my sermon for tomorrow is in pitiful shape. So far I have an introduction and that’s it. There are a few people in my church who would be more than content if I stopped there so church could end early. I might be one of those people. Maybe.

I’ve had the rough outline for the sermon in my head all week. I’m not excited about it, but it will have to do. I think my real problem is this: I hate when secular holidays overlap with Sunday worship, especially secular holidays that are almost impossible to avoid in a very traditional kind of church like mine. I try my best to walk that fine line between their perceived needs/expectations and my desire to be true to what I believe about worship. Sometimes I just lose. For example, I already know that I will take the July 4th holiday weekend off from now on. It’s healthier for us all if I do.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the concept of Mother’s Day. I love my mother. I love being a mother. When it comes right down to it, I drew one of the really fortunate, really blessed cards when it comes to motherhood. However, I know so many people who can’t say that. So Mother’s Day at church becomes the complicated “Happy Mother’s Day!” while simultaneously remembering women who want to be mothers but can’t conceive, and women who are pregnant and ambivalent about it, and people who have lost their mothers, and mothers who have lost their children, and children of adoption who have that little hole in their hearts where their birth mother used to be, and birth mothers who have to wonder what the child they gave up for adoption is doing now, and children who were abused/neglected/abandoned by mothers, and mothers who are abused/neglected/abandoned by children. . . It goes on and on. It is such a complicated, emotionally-laden holiday.

So as I sit on my back porch, laptop fired up and ready, I find a hundred and one ways to procrastinate. There’s this blogathon that I’m in the middle of – so far 11 consecutive days of posting. I don’t dare miss Day 12! I blog hop looking for inspiration.

Oh look! This is a really good post, a guest blogger that I’ve never read before on Rachel Held Evans’ blog. Seriously, you need to read it, especially if you find that God doesn’t fit well in a box anymore. And while you are at it, spend some time on Rachel’s other posts. I find wisdom and inspiration there every single day. This is great stuff, but I’m still no closer to finishing my sermon.

Oh look! There’s the link to the guest blogger’s personal blog site. I  click the link and scan some of her previous posts and decide to add her to my Google Reader list.

Oh look! She’s on Facebook. Let’s check that out. Oops – looks like I have a few Facebook messages I haven’t checked yet. Better do that while I’m here.

And she’s on Twitter! And she follows some cool people, too! And they have cool sounding blogs. . .


This could go on all day and Sunday is bearing down on me, whether I like it or not. Therefore, I solemnly swear that I will not check Facebook, Twitter, or another single blog until my sermon is finished

Just as soon as I finish editing and posting this blog.   wink


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2 thoughts on “Now, or Later?

  1. Hey! What an unreasonably kind post to read! Thanks, Jan. Excited to have found you. Grateful for the generous words. And SO, SO glad that that article – which sucked hours and hours from my life to write – caused the same insanity for someone else. 😀 Thrilled, in fact!


  2. Beth, the article was very good. I especially liked your father’s wise words. I’ve been chewing those over in my mind ever since I read them. I’m enjoying scanning some of your other blog posts as well. I don’t have 5 kids, but I do have 3 and I’m a single mom. I pretty much figure that once parent(s) are outnumbered, you’ve reached a lot! Lol! We share the motherhood madness, the adoption experience, and the discovery that God just won’t fit in a box. So glad to have found you. Happy Mother’s Day!

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