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What Do YOU Think Happened?

Last week, a church member was painting in one of our Sunday School classrooms when he heard a loud crash. Thinking that someone had fallen in our church kitchen, he rushed out of the room to see what was wrong. Before he could reach the door, he heard the sound of shattering dishes. He ran to the kitchen, and this is what he found.

kitchenOne of the cabinet doors was wide open and glass from shattered plates was everywhere, but no one was anywhere around. The church secretary, whose office is on the other side of the church, had also heard the crashes. I was upstairs at the time, tucked away in my office with music playing ā€“ completely oblivious. No one else was on church grounds at the time.

The church member who had been painting had been in the kitchen shortly before this happened, using the sink. He is sure that all cabinets were closed when he was in there. Everything else appeared to be in order.


Charleston lies in a well-known fault area, but no seismic activity was reported that day and nothing else in the church was disturbed in any way. We inspected the cabinets and surrounding area and found no tell-tale signs of a critter invasion.

~ cue music from The Twilight Zone ~

So tell me, what do you think happened in the church kitchen?


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9 thoughts on “What Do YOU Think Happened?

  1. Sounds & looks to me like you have a resident ghost. I have 7 ghosts that live in my house, they are not destructive, but if they want to get your attention, they will do something big – like break something. Mine on the other hand like to either turn on my heat in the middle of summer, or turn on the a/c in the middle of winter. They also turn on my cell phone to get my attention. I’m a psychic/medium (have been for 29 years) and this is just my feeling. As soon as I saw your top picture I saw a person who had done all of this damage. But I’m not here to make you believe in spirit activity or whatnot, this is just my comment. šŸ™‚

  2. You already know what I think. It is Judy for sure. šŸ˜›

  3. Brenda on said:

    There is a spirit in PCPC….We all know that. LOL!

  4. I think the plates were not stacked evenly or were damp so they moved forward pushing the cupboard door open and then falling on the floor.

    • I’m sure the plates weren’t damp. They are only used on special occasions, the last one being at the end of February. It is possible they were unevenly stacked. Anything is possible!

  5. I think you’ve got angry plates.

  6. Janice on said:

    Well, being a member of PCPC for a while now, I will tell you that there are many unexplained issues in the church. Doorbell ringings and nobody there, noises of things being moved around when you are the only person in the building, unexplained noises of all sorts. We had a former pastor that always keep the hallway light on outside his office. He never gave a reason for this, but I can assume the reason.

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