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Eating for a Growth Spurt

Have you ever watched the way young children eat? They go through periods when they are so picky. They will eat only chicken nuggets and fake mac-and-cheese, and then only three bites of each. Or they will refuse any beverage other than apple juice, gagging over milk and spitting out water. Then something inside their little bodies shifts and suddenly they eat almost anything you offer. Hamburger? Sure! Bananas? Yummy! Broccoli? Well, let’s not push it. They don’t eat just junk food. They want good food. Healthy food. They are like the Hungry Little Caterpillar, eating everything in sight.

And like the Hungry Little Caterpillar, they eat because they are about to go through a change. With my children, I know that shortly after their ravenous spells, I will need to go shopping for new clothes and shoes. All that food they shoved into their bodies was somehow transformed into longer arms and legs, taller torsos, and bigger feet.

I go through similar spells with reading. I’ve always loved to read, but as life gets busier and responsibilities multiply, it’s harder to find the time and attention span to read the way I used to. When I read for work, I wish I was reading for pleasure. When I read for pleasure, I feel guilty because my professional books are piling up. Then there are the days when I can’t focus on anything longer than a blog post or a magazine article.

Last weekend, though, I got hungry. This is how I stocked my pantry – um, Kindle. It’s an interesting sort of nutrition.

quindlenI love Anna Quindlen’s work, especially her nonfiction. The introduction to this, her latest release, is the perfect description of why I love to write.

pershey I’ve been a member of the RevGalBlogPals web ring for years. More and more of our members are publishing. I’m excited to read this new memoir by Katherine Willis Pershey.

wilkerson I discovered Carrie Wilkerson the way I’ve discovered so many people – through links posted on Twitter. I’ve followed her there for awhile and find her to be inspiring. While I don’t aspire to be self-employed (in the immediate future, anyway), I am intrigued by this book. That Amazon put it on a great Kindle sale over the weekend certainly didn’t hurt either!

goldberg Okay, so this isn’t a new addition to my reading list. My writing group has been reading and discussing this book in our meetings. Natalie’s works are all classics for writing types.

I’m always looking for good books to read – to feed my mind and inspire my spirit. I hope I’m never so old I quit having creative growth spurts. What are you reading? What books should I add to my list?


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6 thoughts on “Eating for a Growth Spurt

  1. I am waiting for YOUR book, but in the meantime, I just wait for your blogs.
    I would suggest a pretty amazing book called The Kin of Atta are Waiting for You. It is an old book by Dorothy Bryant originally called The Comforter. Surprisingly it is on Kindle.
    “art, love story, part utopian fantasy, part spiritual fable, The Kin of Ata Are Waiting for You is “a beautiful, symbolic journey of the soul” Into the world of the Ata comes a desperate man, running from a fast life of fame and fortune, drugs and crime. He is led by the kin of Ata on a spiritual journey that, sooner or later, we all must take.”
    I read it every year. It was the second book Jan asked me to read. It does start out a bit R rated. LOL
    I am reading Your Possible Life by Kathy Murphy, Phd. I am going to be doing a bit of life coaching with her for a couple of months. Yep, just one more thing to add to the schedule. 🙂

  2. Hmmm. Not familiar with that title. Must do a Kindle search asap!

    And I love the way you will try all kind of experiences! So cool!

  3. My Lots of Candles Plenty of Cake arrived Tuesday! (The same day you posted this!) I’m hoping to blog about a couple of interviews I was with Anna Quindlen sometime next week. I might be slightly addicted to buying books. 🙂

    • Have you devoured it yet, or are you savoring it? My schedule this week has forced me to savor. Hoping for some good reading time later today and tomorrow. (Fingers crossed!)

      And you’ve met her?! Is she amazing?

      • I’m just staring at it, drooling over the pretty cover. I haven’t even opened it! And I haven’t met her… that was a sleep-deprived typo. I meant to write that I’m going to blog about some interviews I “saw” with her… there were a couple of good ones on The Morning Joe and the CBS morning show. 🙂

      • Now why on earth would you be sleep-deprived?! (Just kidding!!) I hate I missed those. Wonder if they are on youtube?

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