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Friday Five: Late!!


All day I have looked repeatedly at RevGals to see where today’s Friday Five is. . . . AND only right now, at 2 pm in Texas, do I realize I am the one in charge! I am sorry I am so late and forgetful.
That brings forth all the times I’ve been late or forgot something. How about you?
When have you been late or a no-show? When have you forgotten something or someone?
1. at church
2. at home
3. at work
4. with friends
5. ? where else?

Me late? Well duh! Unfortunately, being late isn’t an unusual event for me.

1. At church: The most memorable late event at church was back when I was a seminary intern. I lived about 35 minutes away from the church. It was a Sunday morning in spring, and you never could tell what the weather might be like so I called the number for time and temperature. (Do you remember those numbers? Do they still have them, or has the era of the smart phone wiped them out?) Anyway, when heard the time and temperature, I was shocked to discover that I had totally missed the time change the night before and I was running an hour late for church!!! I did make it in time for church – barely. Unfortunately, I also made it in time for a tongue-lashing from my supervising pastor: “What on earth are you going to do when you’re a solo pastor somewhere?” My response? “God knows me well enough to know to send me to a church with a really good clerk of session who will also know me well enough to call and remind me the night before the time changes!” Sure enough, I’ve been blessed for over 12 years to have clerks and/or elders who know me well enough to give me those little reminders. It hasn’t happened again.

2. At home: This isn’t exactly at home, but it is with the kids. This year my two youngest children stay in after school care two days a week, usually Tuesdays and Thursdays. For whatever reason, that schedule changed one week and I was supposed to pick them up immediately after school on a Thursday. One of the elders came in about fifteen minutes before I needed to leave to get them and we got involved in going over a number of things that we needed to discuss. Fifteen minutes turned into thirty. The administrative assistant came on the intercom saying, “Jan, the school in on line one. They are asking if anyone is coming to pick up the kids.” Nooooo! I actually forgot my own children! Major mommy FAIL.

3. At work: Since my work is also at church, you could see #1 above. I will also say that it is consistently hard for me to be on time, much less early, for Sunday School on Sundays. No matter what time I get up or how much preplanning I do the night before, there is some kind of time warp that happens every week that keeps me from walking out the door early enough to get me there with time to spare.

4. With friends: My friends know my tendency to run right down to the wire on timing. Several of them are just like me. So far I haven’t stood anyone up or made anyone angry. Slightly frustrated, maybe, but not angry. And I am good about calling when I’m running late so that they know I haven’t forgotten them.

5. Other: My father has always teased me by saying: “You were born two weeks past your due date, got here at 10:01 a.m. on a Sunday morning which made you late for church, and you’ve been late ever since.” My father was a pastor and church started at 10:00. He led worship and preached before he even laid eyes on me. He says that I’ll be late for my own funeral. I hope he’s right about that one, too!


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2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Late!!

  1. I didn’t know that about you. Some psychologists believe it is an inborn trait or a desire to rebel. LOL

    • Hmmm. A desire to rebel, huh? Maybe my inner rebel is a little passive aggressive and this is how she plays the game!

      I’ve been working very hard to try to improve on this. My tendency is to set aside exactly enough time to get where I need to go without taking into account traffic, trains, or other unexpected delays. Goodness knows, there are always unexpected delays of some sort – especially around Charleston!

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