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Looonnnnggggg Weekend

My children had a three day week at school this week. They only had a four day week last week, returning to school on Tuesday after their two week Christmas break. Next week will also be a four day week because of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. In other words, so soon after two weeks and a day out of school, they now have a five day weekend.

I love my kids. I enjoy my kids. Normally.

My son has had a sinus infection and a horrible cough. He took the last dose of antibiotics with breakfast this morning and then proceeded to cough nonstop for the next three hours. My youngest daughter is having yet another asthma flare-up, her third since the beginning of November. She requires breathing treatments with the nebulizer about every four hours – day and night. Her poor little eyes and nose are just a-running. She’s a pretty miserable little soul.

Last night a cold front blew in – loudly, gustily, and with a vengeance. The temperatures are about 20 degrees cooler today than they have been all week. The wind is still brisk. Days off from school should be days spent running through the neighborhood, playing for hours on end with friends. Unfortunately, Gus’ cough and Mia’s asthma do not need hours in the cool air and wind. Ugh.

Yesterday was day one of the five day weekend. Anna and I decided to divide and conquer. Mia spent the afternoon at home with her while Gus spent the afternoon at work with me. Today, day two, has been strictly an at-home day. I finally had to insist that the TV be turned off at least for awhile. I could almost hear those mush brains draining out of their little ears. Apparently Christmas toys have lost their luster. Creativity has disappeared. They both feel good enough to be bored but bad enough to be whiny.

Three. more. days. God help us all!

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One thought on “Looonnnnggggg Weekend

  1. I remember those school years when it seemed the kids were out of school as often as they were in school. Very challenging for a working parent to organize the stuff that must be done, including finding some quiet time to renew. I hope the kids are better, now!

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