A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life

Creative Much?

reading dog

No, as much as it looks like it, the dog isn’t really reading.

This is Mia – my reader, writer, artist, and performer. Here she is singing the Blackbeard poem/song that she has to memorize for school. As soon as she finished this, she was making out order forms so she can sell her artwork. (I guess that makes her an entrepreneur as well.) Last night as we waited for our food at our favorite restaurant, she was hard at work writing a crime scene for a game she plays with her friends in after school care. It was a full page long and very detailed. She has a sign taped to her bedroom door that color codes what she is doing in there. More often than not, she’s marked “working” and is in there writing or drawing. She is a child after my heart. Now, if I could just learn to draw as well as she does. . .


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