A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life

Loved Ragged

Rookie loves his toys. Loves them. Still, I don’t ever remember seeing him get as excited over a toy as he did the day Anna gave him Lobster over Thanksgiving break. It seems that it was the best. toy. ever!!!

He played fetch with his lobster. He drug it around. He chewed the stuffing out of its little legs. He fell asleep on it.

roo lobster

Today, he finally loved it a little too much, if there is such a thing. Now, not only does Lobster have no legs, he’s also missing a claw.


Oops! That’s what I call love! 

Really, isn’t that the best kind of love there is – the kind that hangs on, hangs around, squeezes the breath out of you, and leaves you marked for life? Love, at its best, is messy, a bit overwhelming, and life changing. I know that’s how I want to love the favorite people in my life. Oh, and that’s how I want to be loved too – loved ragged.


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2 thoughts on “Loved Ragged

  1. Velveteen Rabbit-style love.

    • When I re-read my post, I hoped that people wouldn’t take my point as justification for “rough” love, but rather for Velveteen Rabbit-stye love. Phew! I’m glad it did, at least for you!

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