A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life


I dream frequently. Sometimes I have dreams whose images follow me into my waking hours, and sometimes throughout the day. I had just such a dream last night.

In my dream, I woke from sleep to find an egg on the bed above my left shoulder. As I looked at it closely, it began to hatch. I watched as the creature worked and worked to free itself from the shell.

hatching Soon I had a baby bird there beside me. I knew I had to do something to keep it alive. I did all I could to keep it warm and to give it food and water. I knew I had to be careful with it if I was going to keep it alive. I thought a couple of times that it was dying, but eventually it grew stronger and bigger. I could see that the bird was baby swan. It had grown from this ugly little creature whose wings were tiny and bare into a beautiful little swan.

baby swanThe last images I had of my little swan before I woke were images of it stretching its wings in an attempt to learn to fly.

When dreams stay with me through the day, I believe that they are holding some kind of meaning for me. This one has been a mystery to me. The only thing I knew to do was to look up common meanings for some of the symbols in my dream.

Egg: An indication of all the possibilities that have yet to come to the surface; often means that change is right around the corner.

Hatching egg: Delayed success

Left side of the body: Represents heart, emotions, and intuition

Shoulder: Strength, responsibility, or burdens

Swan: Transformation; loyalty and fidelity

Flying bird: Freedom

Still working on putting these together. At least it seems hopeful!



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