A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life

Things That Make Me Smile

* Big events, like church anniversaries/homecomings and holidays.

* When big events are over!

* Peaceful visits home.

* Walking in the woods on the farm.

* Observing (unnoticed and from a distance) my son’s vivid imagination on display through play.

* That my youngest daughter writes: stories, plays, letters, cards, apology notes – you name it.

* My oldest daughter’s sense of adventure.

* The way I feel after working hard at the gym.

* The heavenly scent of my new Wintermint body wash. Mmmmmm.

* The way I feel when I get lost in writing.

* When I manage to swallow my impatience and parent my child instead of just fussing.

* The sound of water: rain, ocean waves, waterfalls, etc. Tonight it is the rain.

What makes you smile?


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