A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life

The Nest

I’m spending a lot of time this week sitting on the balcony of my apartment at Montreat. We’re up in the trees and I feel like I’m in a bird’s nest. When I look out, all I can see are tree limbs, tree leaves, and the mountains peeking through. That’s a good place for me to be right now. A nest is safe. A nest is where we incubate and are nourished. A nest is where we slowly get the strength to fly.

I need to be nested awhile. As a single mom and solo pastor, I spend all my time nesting – building the nest, maintaining the nest, taking care of the ones in the nest. I need to incubate: to think, to rest, to regroup, to reconsider, to plan. I need to be nourished: by the quiet, by sleep, by long walks, by the (slightly) cooler temperatures, by the change of scenery. I didn’t realize how tired and how stretched to the limit I was until my first day here, when all I could seem to do was sit and stare. Today is a little better. I trust that each day in the nest will make me stronger.

I may go a little quiet on the blog this week. If I do, don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll be flying again one day soon.

baby birds


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One thought on “The Nest

  1. Angie Mizzell on said:

    That view makes ME want to sit and stare. Enjoy the rest and taking the time to fill the well.

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