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Monday’s Child: Locks of Love

Locks of Love 004 Locks of Love 006

My Mia has the most beautiful black hair I’ve ever seen. She has been stopped in stores and restaurants by people commenting on it. Except for a few small trims, she hasn’t had it cut in a couple of years.

We’ve been talking for a long time about whether she might want to get her hair cut and make a donation to Locks of Love. We’ve talked about Locks of Love, what it does and who it helps. She decided that’s what she wanted to do. I wanted to make sure that she was sure, so since the beginning of summer I would ask from time to time if she was ready to get her hair cut. I waited until she consistently answered yes and then began pestering me about when we could do it before taking the plunge.

Last Saturday was Hair Day. She was so excited!

Locks of Love 009

She had so much hair that she was able to donate 11 inches of hair and still have enough length for a shoulder-length cut.

Locks of Love 013

And here’s the final result. Shorter. Cooler. She loves it because everyone tells her it makes her look older.

Locks of Love 2 001

I may be biased, but dang, that kid is cute!


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