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A New Office?

Yesterday was my day off, so if you’ve been by here before you know that means it was a beach day for me and the kids. That is what one is supposed to do on a day off, right?

Today we were invited by church members to spend the afternoon with them and their extended family . . . at the beach. I thought I might feel a little guilty about not being in the office on a regular office hours day, but really, not so much after all. I wasn’t sure if this was another day off since we were at the beach having a blast or if it was work because when with church members your really never “off” completely. In the end I decided not to worry about what to call it, other than a good day.

While we were enjoying the beach today, I had a brainstorm – a great idea for how to encourage people to come sit down and talk with me if they feel the need. Somehow going to the church to the preacher’s office seemed to me in my pre-preacher days to be a lot like going to the principal’s office. It’s just not a place you go to chat, you know? I figure if that how I used to feel, then chances are good that others feel that way too. So how about this . . . wait for it . . . summer office hours on the beach! We can have a custom-made beach umbrella with the church name. We can rotate between the 3 main beaches in our area, just to be fair and accessible. Talk about a comfortable place to chat!

We have a session meeting tomorrow night. Think I can sell the idea to the session? If so, then maybe next summer I can talk them into a beach cottage as well!


No? Well, a preacher girl can dream!


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2 thoughts on “A New Office?

  1. It sounds like an awesome day, regardless of the label.

  2. jrculpepper on said:

    It truly was, Songbird. It is a blessing to be associated with such great and kind souls.

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