A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life

Monday’s Child: Growing Up

My youngest daughter spent the week on the farm with her grandparents. It’s a fairly new thing for us, having Mia go away without her brother. They’ve been joined at the hip for almost seven years now. Mia, the youngest, is the more independent, more differentiated of the two. This is her second trip to the farm alone. Gus was given his chance to go a few weeks ago, but he refused to go without his sister. He grieved mightily when they went separate ways last Sunday. Each day he got a little stronger. This is not what he wants, but it is very much what he needs.

I sent my little girl away looking like a little girl. Somehow she looked so much older when I picked her up. Can a single week do that?!


One of my favorite stories from the week that my mom shared with me is this one: Mia was sitting at the dining room table in one of the wooden dining room chairs. It squeaked and cracked and made a lot of noise. She asked her grandmother why. My mom replied, “Oh, this dining room set is as old as the hills! It must be at least 30 years old!” Mia looked thoughtful for a moment and replied, “Well my mama is 45 – no, 46 – and she doesn’t make that much noise!” (I’m thinking my child hasn’t followed too closely behind me when I climb the stairs. My knees put an economy-sized box of Rice Krispies to shame!)

I’m a happy mama with all my children back home!


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