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Friday Five: My Name Is Gratitude

A wise person once told me to make an ABC list of things I am grateful for any time I feel sad or depressed. It is a good practice when one is feeling happier than that, too. So for this Friday Five, I suggest that you use your name or nickname of about five letters and express your gratitude about something that starts with each letter. Some people have longer names, so you decide how you will go about this! (Last names, middle names, and nicknames count!)

Hmmm. Jan is a little short for this project. My real name is Janet, but no one ever calls me that so it doesn’t even feel like me. My last name too long, as is Preacher Mom. So how about PM Jan?

P = The present. I am grateful for today, even though I spend a lot of energy thinking about what I want in the future. I’m learning to live in and love the only time I really have, which is right now.

M = Mentors. I’ve carried a dream around for a long time without ever doing anything to try to make it come true. This summer I have some excellent mentors who are helping me as I take my first tentative steps.

J = Joy. Memories of my sister, Joy. Time I spent this week with my niece, Melinda Joy. Tales of my energetic great-niece, Addison Joy. The sweet smile and tender heart of my daughter, Mia Joy. Can you tell we like Joy in my family?

A = Antics. Whether it’s the summer adventures of my children, or the cuteness of our puppy, or the acrobatics of our cats, or the sense of humor of someone I encounter. It keeps me smiling.

N = Night. Summertime is a challenge sometimes for this introvert. With the kids out of school, I have someone with me all day long, every day. There is no solo commute for making the transition from home to work or work to home. There is no office time that I can say, “Please take my messages for the next hour (or two) so I can work on my sermon.” If my kids need me (and of course they do) there will be interruptions. So in the summer, night has become my time. I may not be awake to enjoy it for long, but even the sleeping dreams are my time. I love night.


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4 thoughts on “Friday Five: My Name Is Gratitude

  1. Wendy on said:

    I get your “night.” My time without anyone is the early morning…

  2. jrculpepper on said:

    Precious time, isn't it Wendy? Don't know how I'd survive without it.

  3. Sharon on said:

    I love “antics”! And “joy” which cannot be overdone, IMHO.

  4. Purple on said:

    Love your take on this F5.

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