A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life

Productivity FAIL

My session has graciously agreed to allow me to work from home one day a week during the summer to make life with kids a little easier. I’m excited about that day at home, anticipating that I will use it primarily for my continuing ed intensive writing project. I had high hopes for my first summer work-from-home day. I was going to pack up my notes, my laptop, and my kids and head to our local library. Once there, they would happily peruse the bookshelves and/or play on the kids’ computers while I set up shop at one of the tables and proceeded to be amazingly productive.


Problem #1: There was a recycling program for kids and the place was packed out! So for the first 30 minutes I joined my Gus and Mia and watched the show. Fun, but not productive.

Problem #2: Anna sent a list of titles to look for, which I decided to do before settling down to work. If I had just looked for those 4 titles alone, it would have been fine. But books! So many books! The temptation was overwhelming.

Problem #3: The magazine rack is near the tables. I saw an issue of Health magazine that I hadn’t seen before. Hey – it’s cheaper to glance through it at the library than it is to buy it!

Problem #4: For the first time in the history of trips to the library, my kids were ready to go long before I was. What happened to the children who always need a few more minutes to look? What happened to the children who always beg to play the computer games?

I haven’t decided yet if I dare to give the library another try next week. In theory, it should be one of the best places ever with kids along. In reality . . . we’ll wait and see.


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