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Sweet Summertime at the Farmer’s Market

Every Thursday at the community center at Park Circle, they host a local farmer’s market. I always have good intentions of stopping by to pick up fresh produce, but too often I get distracted and find myself zooming past, slapping my forehead exclaiming, “Dang it, I forgot again. If I stop now I’ll be late getting the kids.” It’s been my weekly habit ever since the market reopened in the spring.

The kids are home for the summer now, so I don’t have to rush to pick them up anymore. We took a mid-afternoon break to walk across the street to see what we’ve been missing. There were produce treasures of every shape, size, color, scent, and flavor. There was a man selling plants. The sweet scent of the Confederate Jasmine tempted me, but since I don’t plan to stay in the house I’m renting much longer, I was able to withstand the temptation. There was the woman selling herbs. She’s also a painters. She complained because her hands are always dirty with either paint or dirt. The smile on her face let me know that it wasn’t really a complaint. She’s a happy woman.

I wanted to buy at least one of everything, but for this trip I settled on corn, cantaloupe, okra, peaches, and local honey. Add some fresh biscuits and I think we’ll be set for a summertime supper.

Back in the office, the smell of the produce sitting in bags on my desk was sheer heaven. My stomach started growling for supper at 3 p.m. I washed a couple of the peaches and gave them to Gus and Mia to snack on. You would have thought I’d given them food from the table of the gods. Or food from the table of God, which I suppose is exactly what it is. “I wish I could marry this peach!” For the word “marry” to be uttered by my son who thinks all things love/kissy/marriage are gross is saying a lot!

I doubt they’ll let me forget next week!


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One thought on “Sweet Summertime at the Farmer’s Market

  1. I made a salad for dinner tonight with lettuce and basil from the garden, tomatoes from the store, and fresh mozzarellamfrom the farmers market. It was delicious! I look forward to more Friday morning trips to the farmers market! Yum yum yum!

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