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Monday’s Child: Dreaming Big

I remember dreaming of what I would be when I grew up. For a long time, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to be a spy. I wanted to be a gold medal Olympian in gymnastics, or ice skating, or swimming. I wanted to travel all over the world. I never really dreamed that I would be a teacher, and then a preacher. (Never, ever dreamed I would be a preacher. Just wanted to make that perfectly clear!) I never dreamed I’d be a single mom, or an adoptive mom. l haven’t lost some of my dreams. I’m not a vet, but I’ve spent the years caring for and nursing animals of all shapes and sizes and kinds. I still want to be a writer. People who know me well enough know that I’m nosy enough to be a spy. I’m not an athlete, but I do enjoy pushing myself physically – sometimes, anyway. And while my work and my kids keep me tied down for now, I would still love to travel one day. I’m not through dreaming big. I hope I’m never through dreaming big.

Back in the spring we went to an air show at the Air Force Base in Charleston. I love this picture of my son taken that day. Can’t you see it in his eyes – a scrawny little kid in the cockpit of an Air Force C-17 thinking, “One day I’m going to fly one of these things!” Other times I watch him in his imaginative Ninja world. Other times, stalking a bad guy with his Nerf gun. I see him concentrate on his newest original Lego creation with the intensity of a professional architect or engineer. Some days he is swinging an imaginary bat hitting imaginary homeruns. I don’t know what he’ll end up doing when he is grown. (Some days I just hope he survives his own antics long enough to make it to adulthood!) All I know is that I hope he always dreams big and that his big black eyes will always sparkle with the possibility of what can be.


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2 thoughts on “Monday’s Child: Dreaming Big

  1. I've thought a lot about the dreams of mu youth and younger self, especially when everything was so awful over the last few years….we don't get to live all, or even mostnof our dreams, do we. But then new dreams come along and life takes hold, and well, somehow it all works out…I don't mean that quite as helpless as it may sound…just that we don't have a lot of control over what life throws our way…

  2. Terri, what you say is so true. Life throws things at us that we can't anticipate and quite often don't even want. The consolation I believe we have is that there is nothing thrown at us that the grace of God can't redeem. Sometimes I wish God would redeem things a little more quickly (and neatly) though. I've also found that my old dreams come back around dressed up in a costume I don't recognize them in until much later…

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